4 thoughts on “Manufactured Crisis: HPV, Hype & Horror”

  1. We need to take control of our health , people are sicker than ever mentally and physically , 70 % of the United States is on drugs it is a assault on the American public . Stop poisoning our children. We are creating a society of drugged up teens , why not, the parents take drugs .
    The only one’s who benefits from vaccines are the drug companies they are not improving health but creating illness. We need to STOP the madness!!

  2. Very good documentary with a lot of info. Most of the interviewee’s support vaccination but question HPV therefore claims of ‘anti-vax propaganda’ are only made by truly ignorant people.

  3. I will share this widely and pray many parents, children, grandparents will pay attention and say NO to this vaccine and rigorously investigate all others. Those creating and pushing the vaccine, and those promoting policies that allow children to continue to be harmed, should be convicted of crimes against humanity.

  4. It’s so sad that they scare us into thinking we are wrong if we don’t vaccinate. The vaccines aren’t working as proved by science. However, the drug companies will disagree! Who should you believe? $ or Truth.

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