DC Shuts Out Parents

DC wants to vaccinate without even telling parents. Congress must approve. Action Alert!

The DC Council has approved a bill, DC B23-0171, that would allow children 11 and older to consent to vaccines without a parent’s knowledge. Congress has the power to reject legislation passed in the city of DC, so residents from California to New York can speak out and make a difference to the people living in DC.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has sponsored a resolution rejecting this bad bill; Reps. Michael Cloud (R-TX) and Gary Palmer (R-AL) are expected to introduce the House version of the resolution later this week. We must urge our elected officials in DC to sign on as co-sponsors to this resolution so this bill does not become law in DC.

The DC bill blatantly disregards parental rights and could also put children’s health in jeopardy, seeing as young children are unlikely to know the previous health care they have received, their family medical history, and other important details that could impact or negatively interact with other treatments or care. Informed consent is a cornerstone of medicine, and under the circumstances imposed by this bill, it appears impossible for a child to grant it in receiving a vaccine outside of their parents’ knowledge.

This is a big win for ANH. Congress has heard you and is taking action to protect parental rights, but they need your help to finish the job.

Write to your federal representatives, urging them to sign on as co-sponsors to this resolution.

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18 thoughts on “DC Shuts Out Parents”

  1. This is abject BS! Parents need to know what is happening to their children and give permission for it to happen!

  2. The page to which the link takes me tells me i can take this action only if I’m a DC resident….. contrary to what your message says.
    What else is possible?

  3. Parental approval should be necessary. Some children, teenagers for vulnerable to vaccines. The effects can be life long, leaving children, young adults at risk for life long consequences.
    I know this personally.

  4. I completely agree with your statement and desire for people to take action. However, as a long-term resident of Washington DC I think you are being incredibly tone deaf to use the tool Congress has wielded for decades to thwart the District’s ability to self-govern. This practice has disenfranchised our City long enough! It ‘s racist. You can’t advocate for Statehood and at the same time throw our destiny into the hands of people who don’t pay taxes here, don’t live here, and in so many cases, distain the City that supports their needs.

  5. I tried to take action but was told it was for DC residents only. I thought this was to Congress?

  6. This vaccine has not been tested. we do not understand its effects… mRNA that is used is manufactured… Natural mRNA shuts down and dematerializes after it has delivered its message. The Covid MessangerRNA. expereimental drug treatment never deconstructs and go away. This experimental manufactured non-organic genetic mRNA material never stops delivering its message. It does not have an off switch which could result in a highly reactive autoimmune response that has no end. This is not what we want to be experimenting on our children with.

  7. trying to inject the global population with a smary ink that can track ayone and kill anyone with the click of a keystroke – its a smart ink not a vaccine id rather die then give them control covid is a lie aglobal depopulation conspiracy of the largest yet seeen on earth. satan may be winning but GOD IS COMING TO JUDGE YOU

  8. Do not permit vaccinations for children who are not in danger of Covid, and are in grave danger from an experimental vaccine

  9. ???? to DC!! Parents shouldn’t choose if their kids get vaccinated or not. All kids should be vaccinated, it’s the only way to eradicate diseases like Poliomyelitis, Small Pox and so many deadly diseases. How would you tell your kid that he became paraplegic because you didn’t want to vaccinate him? . Vaccines should be mandatory and parents shouldn’t have a say about it. . Any normal person would want to vaccinate their kids to protect their health. Any person who says otherwise is a complete selfish imbecile! Science and health safety are above any religion freedom.

  10. Under no circumstance should children be vaccinated without parents consent. This is outrageous!!

  11. Any Adult should know that anytime you do ANYTHING to another person’s child (or children) , that all will not end well.

  12. Please protect our children by not passing bills that allow children to be vaccinated without parental permission.

  13. “Congress has the power to reject legislation passed in the city of DC, so residents from California to New York can speak out and make a difference to the people living in DC.” from the article above.

    “This action alert is for residents of the following states only: District of Columbia

    We’re sorry, but you cannot take action on this alert. This may be because the alert is restricted to specific states or to constituents of specific representatives, or because your address does not match a ZIP code we can properly map to your representative, or because your representative does not have a contact email address or webform.”

    This is the third time I have tried to act on this and received this message.

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