The COVID Vaccines – Part 2

From Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABHIM. Action Alert!

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Vaccine-induced Spike Antibodies: Havoc on the Lungs

When the coronavirus vaccine is injected, the mRNA contains “instructions” for building the spike protein that has been identified on the surface of the SARS-CoV2 virus. The cell’s reverse transcriptase enzymes are called into action, leading to the mass production of the spike (S) protein, the protein thought to play a vital role in its infectivity.

However, is this a good thing?

The 2019 study by Liu, Li et al, “Anti-spike IgG antibody causes severe acute lung injury by skewing macrophage responses during acute SARS-CoV infection” is worthy of your time to read and study.

The investigation was undertaken to study the effect vaccine-induced, spike-protein antibodies have on preventing SARS-CoV infections and to examine the possible effect the spike-protein antibodies have on the immune system.

What the researchers discovered was startling.

Sixteen macaque monkeys were given two injections; half of the animals received a modified vaccinia virus with an inserted spike protein (ADS-MVA) or a control vaccine made with a modified vaccinia virus without the spike protein antigen (ADC-MVA). Three healthy, non-vaccinated monkeys were included as additional controls.

The animals were sacrificed between weeks 9 and 21, after receiving the second injection; the vaccine containing the spike protein induced very high antibody responses to the spike protein (anti-S-IgG). Although the antibodies had reduced the viral load in the upper respiratory tract, they caused a serious, antibody-enhanced injury in the lungs. In fact, there was a direct and positive correlation between the level of antibody in serum and the degree of lung injury. The tissues had evidence of diffuse alveolar damage (DAD), with various degrees of exudate (pus-like fluid) and hemorrhage (bleeding).

Even more, the lungs were large filled with large quantities of macrophages (pus) that had been weakened and inactivated.

Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that engulf, digest and eliminate microbes and foreign proteins through a process called phagocytosis. There are two primary types of macrophages. The M1 cells kill pathogens by secreting pro-inflammatory mediators and the M2 cells, which have an anti-inflammatory function and regulate wound healing. Antibodies formed against the SARS-CoV spike protein binds to the surface of M2 macrophages and weaken their function, allowing the M1 macrophages to release unchecked quantities cytokines. Instead of healing and repairing the infected lung tissues, the anti-S-IgG antibodies stifle the M2 cells and promote M1-caused inflammation. The results are a disaster.

 A Summary of The Study’s Findings:

  • We present evidence of a detrimental role of the anti-S-IgG (anti-spike protein antibody) and acute lung injury during a SARS-CoV infection.
    • Vaccine-induced, spike-specific antibodies resulted in severe acute lung injury in SARS-CoV infected Chinese macaques
  • Anti-S-IgG antibody failed to prevent SARS-CoV lower respiratory tract infection (pneumonia) and amplify (increase) M1 macrophage infiltration and accumulation in the lungs.
  • Anti-S-IgG causes severe acute lung injury (ALI) when the lungs become re-infected and/or re-exposed to coronaviruses by removing the inflammation-resolving work of the M2 macrophages.
  • Animals who died of SARS-CoV infection had an accumulation of pro-inflammatory M1 macrophages and an absence of wound-healing M2 macrophages in their lungs.
  • Histological examination [the lung tissue of the sacrificed animals] in 6 of the vaccinated macaques revealed acute diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) with various degrees of severity. Most of the macaques in the control group given the non-spike protein vaccine showed only minor to moderate lung inflammation. (Note: alveoli are the tiny air sacs in the lungs that oxygenate the blood.)
  • Without the presence of the anti-S-IgG antibodies, M2 macrophages began healing the lungs within two days of infection.

Evidence Ignored

The above study was very recent (2019) but is it one of MANY dating back to 2002 documenting how damaging the COVID vaccine(s) are going to be once a person is vaccinated and then is re-exposed to circulating coronaviruses.

But that’s not the only problem caused by the COVID-19 vaccines.

Most garden-variety respiratory viruses cause infection by binding to specific receptors on the surface of the host’s cells. To block this attachment, antibodies formed from previous infections or by vaccines bind the circulating virus and neutralize it. This stops, or at least weakens, the progression to a full-blown infection.

However, in some viruses, the antibodies formed against them bind only loosely to the viral surface proteins. Instead of stopping an infection, this mechanism promotes invasion into the cell, enhancing the infection instead of stopping it.

Antibodies: Neutralizing vs Non-Neutralizing

A neutralizing antibody is shaped like the letter Y. The upper arms are called the Fab fragments and the stem is called the Fc fragment. The Fab fragments bind to an invading pathogen. The Fac fragment then binds to an Fac receptor on the surface of white blood cells, such as macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer (NK) cells and others. Normally, this signals the white blood to release tiny bits of inflammatory chemicals to destroy the microbes

However, when the spike protein antibody (anti-S-IgG) engages with the Fac receptor on the surface of the cytomembrane, the “door opens” and allows the complex to enter host cells. And, if the Fab fragments of the antibody are only weakly bound to the surface of the pathogenic protein, the antibody acts like a Trojan horse. The loosely bound protein material “escapes” from the end of the Fab fragments, it highjacks that reverse transcriptase enzyme system and begins to replicate, enhancing the infection rather than stopping it.

This is the process of how antibody derived enhancement, or ADE, works. It’s like having an “on button” on a replicator but no “off button.” As the mRNA replicates, more and more non-neutralizing antibody is produced, leading to accelerated autoimmune diseases, primarily affecting the lungs, liver and kidneys. ADE may even plan a role in the development of fulminant ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) after patients have recovered from COVID.

ADE has been identified in more than 40 kinds of viruses including HIV, Dengue, West Nile and coronaviruses. There are seven or the 36 circulating coronavirus strains (LINK) are known to infect humans.

Every Animal Tested

In a 2012 study of mice, ferrets, hamsters, and Cynomolgus monkeys, using various coronavirus proteins and various adjuvants, researchers reported immunopathology in every animal that had been vaccinated and then re-exposed to a SARS-CoV virus.

Researchers clearly stated the following:

This combined experience provides concern for trials with SARS-CoV vaccines in humans. Clinical trials with SARS coronavirus vaccines have been conducted and reported to induce antibody responses and to be ‘‘safe.” However, the evidence for safety is for a short period of observation. The concern arising from the present report is for an immunopathologic reaction occurring among vaccinated individuals on (re)exposure to infectious SARS-CoV, the basis for developing a vaccine for SARS.

Researchers concluded the following:

The SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, [viral] challenge of the mice given any of the vaccines led to the occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccines in humans is indicated.

Unanswered questions

We know so little about the COVID vaccines.

  • Does the vaccine prevent the infection or only lessen a patient’s symptoms?
  • Does it keep them from spreading the virus? If so, why do we still need to distance and wear a mask?
  • How long will the antibody last? In otherwords, how long to we have to worry about viral re-exposure?
  • What if you already have a co-morbidity such as an autoimmune disease?
  • How well does it protect the elderly, many of whom have received a flu vaccine?

We are only a few weeks into this mass global vaccination campaign, and thousands of side effects are already being reported.

With all the evidence being ignored, is avoiding an infection with a 99% survival rate, worth the risk of the vaccine?

My vote will be unequivocally no.

1-5-2020: UPDATE: In less than 1 month and with 1M doses delivered, the latest data from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows there have now been 40,433 adverse events REPORTED from the Covid19 vaccinations in the USA….AND THERE MAY BE THOUSANDS MORE UNREPORTED

Look at the list of side effects:  HERE

Action Alert! Write to Congress and the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee and tell them we need full transparency on any COVID vaccine. Please send your message immediately. By sending this message, you will also be supporting our petition to ungag doctors so that they can share with patients the benefits of supplements and natural treatments for COVID.

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39 thoughts on “The COVID Vaccines – Part 2”

  1. I have had the vaccine and experienced arm pain and swelling at deltoid injected and also other deltoid and then headaches after first vaccine; then second vaccine – swelling and deltoid of injected and next day severe abdominal pain and fatigue…. that is where I am at now.

    I am a nurse working in gero-psychiatric facility.

    Thanks Katrina

  2. My neighbor died from COVID19, my wife’s best friend’s husband (a healthy 42 year old male who ran marathons) died from COVID19. My sister, my wife and my daughter in law are all nurses. Nurses who have been working mega shifts and dealing with this pandemic. They have all now been vaccinated. And while there were mild symptoms after the Pfizer vaccine’s second round, (my wife’s BP spiked and she was tachycardic), the symptoms were short lived. Without mass vaccination, we will never get our lives and our economy back. The 99% survival rate quoted here glosses over the fact that the U.S. has done the worst job of combating this virus of any developed / wealthy nation. From people refusing to wear masks to the ridiculous anti vaxxer crap that this site and others spew, we must remember almost half a million Americans have died, 1 out of every 1000.

    1. I don’t wear a mask and I’m as fine for the past year as I’ve been at any other time in my life. I don’t plan on getting an experimental vaccine nor any vaccine for that matter. COVID is fear. Move beyond fear. There is a reason flu is almost non-existent nowadays and the COVID death numbers gratuitously extravagant – meaning lies abounding around someone allegedly dying of “COVID”. The 99% survival rate does not gloss over anything – it is simply a fact and should help those in fear to return to their normal lives realizing all of us are going to die one day – just check the life insurance mortality rates to see how your death percentage skyrockets the older you get – omgosh i’m 50yo so i better hide in a case so i can “live” for another 20 years…

    2. That’s exactly what the problem is people just like you!! The almost half milllion Americans that are being reported to have died OF covid is greatly exaggerated and I think people like you either know that or are totally ignorant about it. There is too much info out there right now that says the numbers of covid deaths were a big fat lie. Even if it were not a lie, the number of deaths are lower than of the flu. No need for a vaccine. You are the one spewing crap!! My daughter works in a major hospital and she herself sees the lies. People are starting to wake up THANK GOD!

    3. Your personal tragedies notwithstanding, when you step back and look at the data for CV-19 death curves and excess deaths (which neutralize the question of death count accuracies) over the past 10+/- years, there is no evidence that lockdowns or no lockdowns, masks or no masks have made any difference whatsoever. The differences in mortality have to do with something else all together. For instance, why has the eastern Asia and Oceana combined area experienced about thirty times less deaths per million than the rest of the world, when within that region there is as much variation in policy strategy as everywhere else?

    4. I also recently lost friends and family – none to SARS CoV-2. Over the past 300,000 years there has been numerous flu-like illnesses, yet there has not been a single one that our immune systems have not been able to overcome without a vaccine. What makes you think COVID-19 is any different? As of early January the death count from Phizers and Modernas vaccines stands at 329, just a few weeks into their use. Pray that your loved ones who got the vaccine suffer no complications from them.

    5. I am a virologist and head of regulatory for a company making the COVID19 vaccine. I would not personally take the vaccine until phase 3 is completed and we understand the adverse events. The cloth and medical masks worn during the COVID19 event are not effective. The virus particles are smaller than 1 micron and will go through most masks (all masks worn by the public). You must be fit tested annually for the proper N-95 or better mask. We also manage select agents similar to Ebola Virus. I wouldn’t dare go into our select agent suite with masks worn currently in public. It could be a death sentence. If you take a sick or immunocompromised person into a room with masked people with COVID19, you are likely sentencing them to a serious or deadly outcome. Wearing the cloth and paper masks are neither loving or charitable. It is false security.

    6. I’m in agreement with much of what you said. I must note that I’ve not seen this site “spew anti vaxxer crap”. Wouldn’t you want to know the pro’s and con’s before deciding to take the vaccine? I sure do. I appreciate this info and will consider it when making my decision whether or not to take the Covid vaccine. It’s not a decision I take lightly as much as I want to get this behind us.

    7. The COVID-19 CCP virus has been a pandemic upon an epidemic, especially in the US and other industrialized nations where middle to older aged individuals are living with multiple morbidities that place them at far greater risk of dying than healthy people.
      It has become impossible to discuss differing points of view–and yes points of view based on research–with people without having to be prepared to defend oneself against violence. Nonetheless, masks remain debatable, and the discussion since the beginning of the CCP pandemic illustrates this. Fauci himself went from no mask to pro mask. Studies over the decades have demonstrated masks provide little value against viruses. Surgical protocols have been called into question when it was discovered there was no increase in post surgical infection when surgeons were unmasked. They did find a significant, performance altering reduction in oxygen levels in surgeons after 2 hours in a mask. Yet we have employee-drivers driving around in masks all day in shared transport on the nation’s highways. I hope pilots are not wearing masks in the cockpits of major airliners.
      Why did a healthy young man die of COVID? Why did marathoner Jim Fixx die of a heart attack? Sometimes the degree of exertion to which athletes subjects themselves can lower their immune response, or in Jim Fixx’s case, strain their cardiovascular system beyond recovery. Or, perhaps as much study now suggests, their fatality risk was high because of their low serum active D3 levels.

    8. Only 6% may have died from the Corona virus. Many have gotten hurt/ died from the vaccine. The virus and vaccine have been weaponized to lower the population from 7.8 billion to 500 million by the year 2021. Masks may not stop a virus/incubate germs/lower oxygen/cause depression etc. Suicides are up due to masks hurting them and lock downs. Low sunlight lowers the immune system. Sunlight helps depression.
      This vaccine may have hydrogel that expands..embalms/PEG..antifreeze…nanorobots/RNA the assemblies the virus in people and has HIV etc. added.
      PCR tests were used wrong….many cycles..45? which may give mostly false positives. Now they do 9 cycles that make it more accurate…so Biden can pretend he is lowering the Corona virus. Cases/deaths maybe pretend to get Corona virus money.
      Gates did not want herd immunity without the vaccine. Lockdowns/masks prevented herd immunity so you would get the vaccine. Fauci/Gates funded this weaponized virus/patent/simulated it/want to make trillions on weaponized vaccine.
      Media is not telling the truth. They are using this virus to lower the population/make money/usher in the New World order/UN/China/”the left”.

    9. I’m a Certified Pharmacy Technician aka CPhT. I’ve only heard of one person that I know through a family member that died of covid19 and I have no idea how old they were or if they had co-morbidities, but I would bet they did, and I know A LOT of people.

      I went out with a bunch of friends the week before thanksgiving and we all had a great time. The following week (week after Thanksgiving) the same 2 friends of mine went out again and had 9 others with them that I either know casually or know of them… they all ended up with covid19. One of my friends was 55 and type O blood…he was sick with flu like symptoms for a couple day and eventually fully recovered. Another friend around 45, also blood type O was sick 2 or so days and he too fully recovered. One of the women was about 10 years younger than me (I’m turning 40 this month), smokes and drinks as do I, and is blood type A as I suspect I am…she kept declining and had a real hard time, but never was hospitalized and she too fully recovered. I haven’t been sick in at least 2 or 3 years (knock on wood) and I don’t believe I’ve ever received a flu shot in my life, and if I ever had the flu it may have been in 2001 when I was 19 years old and flew from Hawaii all the way across the United Sates to Germany, which took close to 24 hours with all the stops/layovers and even bus ride. I was sick for probably 3 or 4 days and whatever it was…it did knock me for a loop, and that was before I got into vitamins, supplements, and organic food….which of course conventional medicine doesn’t acknowledge or give any credit to. It’s very rare doctors even know the importance of nutrition…so much for wealthy/developed nation, right?

      On Friday January 22nd, a woman approximately 35 years old that is the niece to someone close to me, is overweight, has asthma, got part 1 of Moderna’s covid19 vaccine (which some are saying may not legally be vaccines and are actually *gene therapy*, but I’m a pharmacy tech, not a virologist, so who knows, even so I think everything needs to be transparent and well studied), and had a SEVERE reaction. Ambulance came and she was rushed off to the hospital because she complained she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t feel her legs, could barely speak, and she was drooling. She got the shot because she works in a medical setting and her job told her if she expects to keep working in the medical field she MUST get the shot. Anyhow, she’s been out of the hospital for about a week now…she is still not the same. She has slurred speech, had to use a walker to get to and from the car to the house, and is currently still unable to walk without the walker. She will be going to rehab, and yet before this incident she was a normal 35 year old woman. It’s really heartbreaking. I find it very concerning that these shots could be mandatory. How many people that were perfectly fine before it need to be maimed to try to keep their jobs??? It’s so unfair. What’s more dangerous, vaccine injury or encountering the wild virus, and also what happens if you get the shot with no adverse reaction and then still get the virus???? I haven’t seen these questions answered or studies done. Consider yourself lucky that your wife’s symptoms were mild. Not everyone will be so lucky.

      As for a more personal experience, back in 2005 my grandfather had accompanied my grandmother to her doctor’s appointment. My grandmother got the flu shot, and my grandfather got one right behind her…unfortunately she had dementia and my grandfather had Alzheimer’s and both were told not to take my grandfather to anywhere but the VA doctor, but neither could recall and my grandmother’s doctor knew they had dementia and Alzheimer’s, but still administered the shots. Needless my grandfather actually received his second flu shot in a week or twos time. My grandmother had a severe reaction to the flu shot and they immediately began working on her, and my grandfather then too had a severe reaction, but in the cramped little clinic room where he sat clutching his chest, he was left to die while they saved my grandmother. Hence, why I have an issue with the flu shot, as I think anyone who experienced such would. So I really beg to differ on the mass vaccination theory you hold. It’s really not right for everyone and people should have a choice and all of this should be well studied. Then there’s also “herd immunity”, which supposedly The World Health Organization was caught quietly removing things about “natural herd immunity” that you get from encountering the virus in the wild, while some say you acquire it through vaccine (supposedly the term herd immunity has been around even before vaccines were, but again, I’m not a virologist, nor a scientist, but we definitely need more transparency and studies in the developed/rich nation)…and no expert seems to know how long immunity for either route lasts. So if either one only lasts 3-4 months…we are never going back to “normal” no matter which route you want to take, but I can only hope we still have a choice.

      As for western/conventional medicine vs holistic/naturopathic medicine… my own father had been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in 2003 and was told/nearly threatened “if you DO NOT start chemo right now, you will be DEAD in 3 months”. Guess what? He chose to not do chemo, doctor refused to see him any more because of it, and did everything from eat organic food, take vitamins and supplements and herbs, bounce on a trampoline to get his lymphatic system moving to even doing the ever embarrassing coffee enemas… and he finally died in 2013…so he got 10 years. That’s a lot more than 3 months and died a peaceful death, free of pain.

      On the other hand, there was my mother’s cousin who was like a second mother or a sister to me….she ended up with colon cancer and even though she watched her husband die a painful death from lung cancer and chemo she decided to do chemo as well. She lived maybe 2 years after her diagnosis and supposedly died a very painful death at home according to family members that were there in the last hours of her life. I’ll miss her always, and I wished she had had the courage to try something like my father had, but what someone chooses to do with their body should truly be their choice.

    10. A healthy young colleague of mine in his early 40s just experienced severe ADE as described above only 4 weeks after his second dose. Do you realize that EVERY single person that has been vaccinated may be at risk of ADE. Imagine 10-100 million deaths in the next few years in the us alone. You have no idea what you’re talking about. This is proven science of 20 years. Sure these vaccines have been proven relatively safe upon injection, however it’s once exposed to the wild type virus combined with the vaccine that is exponentially more deadly than the virus alone.
      From Dr. TG:
      I am sending you this regarding my partner Dr BW.
      He missed all of last week due to a fever and viral symptoms. He had multiple negative COVID tests along the way and was vaccinated with the late December rollout like most of us. His condition worsened yesterday and he started showing signs of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome – Adult, or MIS-A. This is a rare condition some people are getting many weeks after a COVID infection. Overnight, things worsened even more. He coded and has subsequently been placed on ECMO due to cardiopulmonary failure. He is in DIC. He does not have a good prognosis. They are transferring him to a better ICU and to be considered for heart lung transplant depending on brain function.

      I would ask all of you to keep Barton and his new bride Peria in your prayers. I will pass along information as I have it.

      As an aside, please stay vigilant with your COVID precautions. It is easy to become complacent once vaccinated, but it appears significant damage can still be possible even if you never show signs of an infection.

    11. By “anti-vaxxer crap”, you mean science. Take away the vaccine manufacturer’s liability shield so they are responsible for the misery they cause. It is not vaccine theory that is in question, it is “Execution Risk” as they say in MBA class. Putting it more simple for you, they are doing it all wrong and don’t give a crap about humanity, just their cash cow.

  3. I’ve heard of ADE. But much of this article seems inconsistent and garbled. It begins talking about mRNA vaccines in which a spike protein is created. Then in citing evidence for problems, it refers to conventional vaccines were the body is presented with an already existing spike. I have read other articles and one such article said that the researchers developing these vaccines know about ADE and are careful to watch for it. Surely in these trials they were at least a few people who after vaccination contracted Covid naturally. If there had been such debt reactions in these people as described in this article when summarizing animal models, it would’ve had to be reported in the results and the vaccine would not have been approved by the FDA.

  4. Concerning but very confusing article. So do both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccinations contain “Anti-spike IgG antibodies”?? So the risk is what could happen to a person who is vaccinated and then, after the face, exposed to Covi-19? Do all the current vaccines have the same issue, or is one better than the others?

  5. This article needs proofreading! Also, how could a 2012 study include re-exposure to a SARS-CoV virus? Re-exposure to SARS, maybe, but CoV???

  6. We need full transparency on any COVID vaccine. The public should get data on adverse reactions to the vaccine.

  7. Right near the end, it says, “1-5-2020: UPDATE: In less than 1 month and with 1M doses delivered, the latest data from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows there have now been 40,433 adverse events REPORTED from the Covid19 vaccinations in the USA….AND THERE MAY BE THOUSANDS MORE UNREPORTED”
    Clearly the Jan 5, 2020 date is incorrect. What should it say?

  8. I just want to say, for anybody feeling intimidated, coerced, that when the powers that be say “submit to the needle, side effects be damned!” that this is violence. If people have so much as a concern for side effects, which can be very serious in some cases—even where there is no genetic modification from a so-called “vaccine” delivering messenger RNA and petroleum-derived polyethylene glycol to our cells— then people have absolutely every right to Just Say No. No headtrips, no mind games, no labeling and no finger pointing. No “Anti vax” and no “Anti science” (what a shadow projection!) Wherever these occur, suspect agendas and call out the violence. It is unacceptable to be coerced and shamed into taking something that may harm us, and then told that we are the fools if we choose to protect our own selves. Good lord. And put it this way, if we are “vaccine hesitant” it may be with darned good reason. Guilt trips and character defamation for protecting ourselves, have nothing to do with anything but violence. Those jeering, smearing and finger pointing, need to be sent to anti-bullying classes. And maybe they can also consider the assumption “it will never happen to me”, may be a serious and life-changing mistake. What if they too suffer serious side effects?

    1. Well-put; I wish I could remember your words and relay them the next time I’m called a “cov-idiot” for the reasons you state.

  9. Adding to my comment above, I can’t give advice about taking the vaccine, or not. That is up to each individual, in consultation with doctors who they trust. However, my point is to speak to the freedom to choose. And there must be that freedom, shame-free, coercion-free. And to say that “only” a few will be sacrificed or have serious side effects, is once again violent. What if that exact person spewing that language, was one of those suffering this way? Given what Dr Sherry Tenpenny refers to as abbreviated studies, which is essentially faked science, then what if it ends up that Not only a few will be adversely affected? Again the choice is up to each person to make, and if you have any health questions, talk to your doctor.

  10. It is difficult to understand how people will use a singular event to justify a wholesale reaction. After peeling off the justifiable, but irrelevant emotion over the neighbor’s death, we are still left with the relevant facts presented, namely the results of laboratory study which project into the future. It will be a different picture if and when people start getting sick at a future date, due to the hastily produced, untested vaccines, as has already been shown to be happening from past vaccinations for other illnesses. In their haste to voice emotional disdain, people are overlooking some serious questions. Why are proven therapies such as hydroxychloroquine/Azythromycin/Zinc, and Ivermectin being systematically being squelched, when proof of their effectiveness is screaming from the rooftops? Follow the money!

  11. There are NO NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS THAT CURE Covid-19 and telling folks not to get vaccinated and to keep it away from their kids is murderous!

    Smallpox, measles, and polio were permanently removed from populated areas of the world until the anti-vaxxers refused to get the vaccines for their kids and now these deadly diseases are coming back.

    To deny science and support Conspiracy Theories is dangerous and destructive, so stop it. Natural supplements are great as SUPPLEMENTS, not the whole ballgame. People who spread this crap need to study science!

    1. I am 67 years old; I try to keep my immune system strong, thru supplements and good health practices. In march last year, I believe I contracted covid19. It started to bother my lungs, so I immediately nebulized my lungs with colloidal silver. After one treatment, my lungs were back to normal, and I never had any other symptoms, probably cuz the colloidal silver helped to keep the virus from overwhelming my immune system, so it could destroy the virus. There’s nothing like success, and getting to avoid hospitals!

  12. Support the petition to ungag doctors so that they can share with patients the benefits of supplements and natural treatments for COVID.

  13. As a pharmacist I believe the patients vitamin D level is linked to death rate.
    I follow D research at from the U of Calif. SanDiego.
    D above 30 and 96% of corvid patients only get a mild case.
    80% of ICU patients were below 30
    patients above 30 have an 80% negative positivity rate when tested.

  14. You do realize don’t you that Covid-19 did not exist prior to late 2019 and therefore your reference to research ‘as early as 2002’ cannot have any validity….?

  15. They want Conventional medicine only…not allow natural help which is awesome and may help prevent/heal people fast. They want “big money” not cheap help. They want to lower the population not save lives. They don’t want you to be self reliant/independent/healthy. They can control people easier who are sick. Bill Gates is playing god. He is involved in too many things affecting people and was never elected to do this. He uses government contracts to get trillions to so more. His Charity is to lower the population. His Foundation should be banned since it is being used to kill off people fast or slowly.

  16. My dad and step-mom both had Covid in December. They both recovered without any hospital time, and they are both in their late 60s. My step-mom has other health issues as well. Neither plans to get the vaccine.

    My uncle and I are the primary caretakers for my bed bound 92 year old grandfather. We are careful to wash hands and wear masks when going out in public. My grandfather is also under hospice care, with a cadre of nursing folk who come out to help us care for him. None of them plan to get the vaccine and have all stated that if it becomes mandatory they will quit.

    So I hope the country is prepared to face the nursing shortage that is likely to happen at the same time all those vaccinated folks are facing down infection with other respiratory illnesses that trigger these adverse effects which are known to come from mRNA vaccines.

    Be careful out there y’all.

  17. Please stop sending me these idiotic emails. I am A DEMOCRAT and I disagree with all the decisions made by Republicans. Republicans = Corruption, lies, greed and lies .

  18. Support Americas Frontline Doctors, a group of doctors who have formed this organization to get the word out on the benefits of taking HCQ as a preventative and also a treatment of COVID. They have been under heavy attack by the government and medical field for telling the truth to save lives. They also had a petition to stop mandatory experimental vaccinations. That is what these vaccinations are – experimental vaccinations – they have bypassed the animal testing.

  19. I’m 84 years old and I have heart disease plus Afib, high blood pressure and a
    pre-diabetic. I’m scheduled for my first Covid shot 1 Mar 21. After reading this report I’m having my doubts about getting this shot.

  20. I am 67; besides the 90-yr-old dad of my neighbor dying (supposedly) of covid19, I do not know anyone else in my family, friends, or acquaintances that has had covid19.

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