Forced Vaccination Moves Forward in California

State-based Action Alert!

Dr. Bob Sears, a California pediatrician, has been placed on a 35-month probation period by the state medical board for daring to write letters recommending a medical exemption for a toddler from childhood vaccinations.

Dr. Sears will still be able to practice but will be supervised by another physician. He is also required to take an ethics class and forty hours of medical education training for each year of probation. According to a Facebook post from Dr. Sears, the medical board is preparing four more similar cases against him—all for medical exemptions to vaccines.

As we reported at the time, Dr. Sears made the recommendation for a medical exemption based on the mother’s description of serious adverse reactions to previous vaccinations.

It seems clear that this case—along with the other accusations the board is preparing—is clearly intended to intimidate other doctors in the state and thereby shut down any medical vaccine exemptions, the only exemptions left under California law. This case sets a legal precedent for when a medical exemption is acceptable, at a time when states are increasingly threatening to eliminate all other exemptions.

By initiating legal action for recommending medical exemptions, California is in effect banning all exemptions to vaccines. What kind of country are we living in, when parents have no choice about what gets put into their children’s bodies?

Action Alert! California residents, write to the state legislature, and tell them that the medical board is intimidating doctors who are recommending medical exemptions to vaccines, and thus eliminating all exemptions. Please send your message immediately.


160 thoughts on “Forced Vaccination Moves Forward in California”

  1. “What kind of country are we living in, when parents have no choice about what gets put into their children’s bodies?”

    When it comes to vaccines, there should be no choice, plain and simple. The only exception would obviously be if there was a SEVERE allergic reaction to the vaccine.

      1. No, I am just a middle aged human being, not associated with any industry, working a regular 9-6 job.

        This is my opinion, and you are welcome to yours.

        You are obviously a troll. Go away

        (See how that works? It doesn’t.)

        1. You are welcome to your opinions but you CANT ignore facts. They refuse to go away.

        2. How did you happen upon this page, given that you’re obviously opposed to it’s content?

          I’ll tentatively presume you are telling the truth, that you are just a regular guy. To that I’d say that you’re a regular guy in need of information to counter the industry propaganda all of us have been spoon fed, from childhood on. However, there are those who resist learning, once ideas have set, like dried cement, in their minds. The profiting coalition of mega-corporations are counting on it.

          If you’re interested in knowing the truth which has been deliberately hidden from the general public, I’m sure there many who have investigated and uncovered a lot (including me, over the last 36 years), who would be willing to share what we’ve learned.

          In addition, forcing anything on any citizen is a violation of our Constitutitional rights. Forcing injections of anything (let alone a cocktail of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, foreign RNA,DNA, and viruses from animals, and insects, HeLa cancer cells, aborted fetus cells, etc.) is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

          1. Apparently I’m subscribed to their email newsletter, which is fine.

            I will concede that my knowledge IS limited, and I am always open to learning more. If you can provide scientific evidence that vaccines are bad, I’ll listen. However, it is fact that (at least some) vaccines are necessary to prevent fatal diseases.

          2. There is a lot of good scientific evidence of vaccine dangers plus many unintended consequences (such as infertility). Here’s a link to a pdf of a study showing increased risk of all cause mortality in association with DTP vaccination in Africa. In the absence of concomitant OPV vaccine the DTP vaccine increased all cause mortality by 10 times. One of the authors, Peter Aaby, was a recognized expert on (and proponent of) vaccines so the conclusions are causing quite a stir. If you want to explore further there are many places to start but Del Bigtree’s High Wire show (YouTube and Facebook) is excellent. Thanks for having an open mind. It can save your life.

          3. Viiper Freido Please don’t open that link either – VaccinePapers is a website run by an electrical engineer who is rabidly antivaccine, and cherry picks and misrepresents data and studies like they are going out of fashion. And Facebook and YouTube for evidence? ..please no!

            There are so many more reliable sources of info on vaccines by acknowledged experts… Try this for instance…

          4. I would definitely describe myself as anti-vaccine. After a biology degree from Washington University, two years of medical school (at the top of my class), a Master’s degree and several years of research I have found convincing evidence that the vast majority of vaccines are inadequately tested, lacking in quality control and contaminated with everything from heavy metals and foreign viruses to excessive amounts of human DNA. If you actually research vaccines and DON’T conclude most are dangerous you are not paying attention. You are welcome to your own ignorance but trying to dissuade someone from examining the information for themselves using ad hominem and unsubstantiated accusation is morally reprehensible. Are you fully vaccinated according to all CDC recommended childhood and adult vaccines? Are your children? I guarantee that you cannot substantiate the usefulness or safety of any US vaccine using only sound science.

          5. “After a biology degree from Washington University, two years of medical school (at the top of my class), a Master’s degree and several years of research I have found convincing evidence that…”

            Am I supposed to be impressed? Why did you drop out of med school? And what was the subject of your Masters?

            [BTW I didn’t drop out of med school… I completed it, went on to qualify as an infectious diseases specialist and become a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London, and took a postgrad MD thesis in immunology]

            And strangely, I can’t seem find any relevant research by you on PubMed. Can you tell me where your “research” is published?

            “Are you fully vaccinated according to all CDC recommended childhood and adult vaccines? Are your children?”

            Yes, I am up to date with guidelines (but I am in the UK, as are my kids). I even have additional vaccinations above those recommended by them. These include those required for work such as Hep B (I’d hate to expose my patients to the risks of catching this through my negligence in not getting vaxed for it), and even a recent smallpox booster (since I am one of the UK designated clinicians on the acute response team who would respond in cases of a biological attack). And yes, all my kids are fully vaxed.

            “I guarantee that you cannot substantiate the usefulness or safety of any US vaccine using only sound science.”

            I bet you actually mean: “I guarantee that you cannot substantiate to my satisfaction the usefulness…”

            It’s all about your own standards of “proof”, isn’t it. The usefulness of the vaccines on the US schedule have all been scientifically proven (none would get licensed if they were not so) but you will just whine and cop out by saying you don’t accept those standards…amiright?

            Let’s see shall we… Epidemiology is “sound science”, no?
            Let’s look at whether measles vaccination is “useful” in preventing measles…

            Those are just a few… there are scores more if you wish to see more citations. I’d say that proved the vaccine was “useful”, wouldn’t you? Not 100% perfect, but then it doesn’t have to be in order to be useful.
            As for the US in particular, measles vaccine introduction in the 1960s led to the elimination of endemic measles, with numbers of cases dropping from over 3 million every year to only double figures (with these being imported cases or spread from imported cases). Now there are more, mainly because idiots decide not to vaccinate, so you get outbreaks occuring every couple of years or so. But total numbers are still very low, thanks to universal vaccination and herd immunity.

            …Thanks vaccines!

          6. “After a biology degree from Washington University, two years of medical school (at the top of my class), a Master’s degree and several years of research I have found convincing evidence that…”


          7. Try again. First, immediate ad hominem attacks. You don’t know me! Yet somehow my credentials aren’t good enough. I was literally at the top of my class and CHOSE to study nutrition instead. Very forward thinking of me actually. So studying “medicine” makes you expert on vaccines? If medical education on vaccines is anything like is in the US, you didn’t get much more than a subsection of a course on immunology that even mentions them. If you are here on this thread you already are in doubt. If you are administering vaccines yourself you are seeing the damage. I’d like you to consider only one for the time being. In the US the first dose of Hepatitis B is given within hours of birth. Independent lab research (not epidemiology) out of China is replicating autism-like behaviors associated with injecting mice with the equivalent of our Hep B series. The analysis includes examination of the brain tissues and measurements of cytokines. The aluminum content in the vaccine alone would explain immediate neurological damage to MOST of the infants getting it. Here is a direct link to one of the studies I don’t mind discussion of the subject but if you persist in insulting me or if you attempt to discourage other people from reading and forming their own opinions, I will conclude you are “trolling” and stop interacting with you. Best regards. I hope you will undertake more study on this subject.

          8. “First, immediate ad hominem attacks. You don’t know me! Yet somehow my credentials aren’t good enough.”

            You need to look up what is meant by “ad hominem” and other argumental fallacies. My asking you more about your own qualifications (your having pimped them in the first place in a classic example of “argument from authority”) was entirely justified, and not an ad hominem.

            And no, your credentials are irrelevant. What is improtant is the quality of the evidence you can bring to the discussion table. I don’t care if you finished top of your class in glassblowing or nuclear physics; it’s immaterial. But I’d still like to know where your research is published…

            “So studying “medicine” makes you expert on vaccines?”

            And now you are the one questioning my credentials… So much for consistency, huh?

            Yes, in fact I would regard myself as having considerable vaccine and infectious diseases expertise. I worked in clinical pediatrics in a third world setting (in a unit where there was usually one death per day, usually from measles, meningitis, malnutition, pneumonia or malaria, all of which were very common). I have also done pediatric and adult infectious diseases in the UK, and have over 30 years NHS experience in managing infections. I helped run a travel advice/vaccination clinic for several years. My doctoral thesis in immunology gave me research experience (unlike what you call “research”) and I have around 3 dozen original research papers in the literature. Two of these are specifically on vaccines.

            “I’d like you to consider only one [research paper] for the time being.”

            This paper looks at behavioural responses in newborn mice given Hep B vaccine and Aluminium adjuvant in an accelerated schedule and at a “reduced” dose compared to that given to human infants.

            Hep B vaccine for human infants contains 250 mcg aluminum adjuvant.
            Newborn mice weigh 1gm. Human newborns weigh 3,500gm.
            They injected newborn mouse in the abdominal cavity with 31mcg of aluminium adjuvant, which is the human infant equivalent of injecting 108,000 mcg of aluminium adjuvant.
            [and please also note that infant vaccines are not injected into the abdominal cavity, but are injected intramuscularly – pharmacokinetics demonstrates that less than 20% of aluminum is bioavailable following IM injection and taken up by the circulation.]

            Are you surprised that these researchers noted some abnormalities in mouse behaviour…? ….I’d be surprised if they hadn’t.

            PS: I am willing to accept that extremely high doses of adjuvant may transiently* impair neurobehavioural responses in mice. But the reality is they were giving over 400x the equivalent human dose.
            But I am pleased the authors of the study pointed out the “huge” benefits of Hep B vaccination in human infants. They got that right, at least.

            *And finally, did you note that the effects on neurobehaviour in these mice was transient, with mice returning to baseline at 12 weeks?

          9. You have impressed me by your willingness to discuss the details. I’m actually quite glad to see you don’t appear to be a shill! I am very concerned with aluminum adjutant to be honest. The study link I included is only one of three done by that researcher. Aluminum can stay near the site of injection as you state but in the US our infants get repeated doses extremely often prior to one year. Granuloma formation is actually protective (I think this is what you are indicating by the only 20% bioavailable after IM injection) but with repeated smaller dosages the danger is ironically, much greater as the aluminum can be taken up by macrophages and transported widely. I don’t want to clog this thread with long posts, so I’ll conclude with two references. This is another study by the researchers in China: and here is another by a pro-vaccine scientist who noticed a relationship between DTP in Africa and increased all cause mortality. If you would like to continue the discussion you can find me on LinkedIn as Alexis Keiser I can message you my e-mail from there if you like. I don’t agree with routine Hep B vaccination of newborns at all. I’m not sure why you approve of it, but am open to a science-based rationale.

          10. Viper, here is a website with loads of factual info on vaccines, undistorted by the Pharmacrats and govt bureaucrats:
            Please, check it out.

          11. Oh, God. Viiper, don’t open that link. Don’t give them the click count. The misnamed “National Vaccine Information Center” is not a part of the federal government and it contains NO information.

          12. If your knowledge is limited and you’re always open to learning more, why are you not then pursuing that endeavor? You expect others to do the work for you and simply drop it it all into your waiting lap? A rather backwards approach, as learning is the result only of self-initiation.

            Then there’s the major issue of how you expect to effectively evaluate the ‘scientific evidence’ provided while yet maintaining your self-admitted state of limited knowledge. And further, and incredulously, from within that context of ignorance springs the authoritarian statement “it is a fact that…”

            It is better to remain quiet than speak out and remove all doubt.

          13. Who are you to say that I have not? As a matter of fact, I have been researching during this entire exchange, from the first post until now. I do not “expect” others to do so for me. However, it is helpful to know where they are getting their information, especially if I cannot find what they are referring to.

            My knowledge may be limited, but that doesn’t mean I can’t evaluate new information contained in the scientific reports. If I learned anything at university, it was how to research.

            It IS a fact that some diseases are prevented in the modern day thanks to vaccines. To deny that is outright ignorance of the facts. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t side effects (major or minor) introduced as a result, but it does eliminate the disease itself.

            Your only arguments so far have been to attack me, and not the topic. If that is the only contribution you can make, please do so elsewhere.

          14. “That doesn’t mean that there aren’t side effects (major or minor) introduced as a result, but it does eliminate the disease itself.”

            And thus the operative question becomes “Is the risk associated with routine childhood vaccination greater, equal to or less than the risks associated with remaining vulnerable to infection?”-agreed?

            And the simple fact is that abundant evidence demonstrates the risk associated with routine vaccination to be far, far lower–often by multiple orders of magnitude–than that associated with remaining vulnerable to infection.

          15. “However, it is fact that (at least some) vaccines are necessary to prevent fatal diseases.” And it is fact that these days ALL vaccines are compromised with aluminum (Alzheimer’s), mercury and formaldehyde (all are dangerous and NO amount of mercury/thimerosol is safe) and lots of other things that shouldn’t be in them. Look, I have no problem with vaccines if they are done right, but about 20 to 25 yrs ago they started to become very toxic. There is a video by Dr. Russell Blaylock, brilliant and well-known neurologist who explains how vaccines injure the body). So if they are safe then why does CDC own over 40 vaccine patents? That’s a clear conflict of interest. And why is in illegal to speak against vaccines in Calif? And why are they putting all these harmful ingredients in vaccines now? THey didn’t used to, they apparently could make them just fine without these ingredients. Just a few questions for you to think about.

          16. Your post is untrue. Not all vaccines have aluminum and thimerosal has been removed from all childhood vaccines since 2001. You’re really late to that party. Done with your Gish Gallop, except to say Blaylock is a crank.

          17. “And it is fact that these days ALL vaccines are compromised with aluminum (Alzheimer’s), mercury and formaldehyde”

            Interesting…. I wonder where these “facts” come from, seeing as how they are wrong.

            Facts are that:

            1) No vaccines contain “mercury” (or rather thimerosal which is what you might mean… they are not one and the same thing) with the exceptions of 25% of the flu vaccines which come in multidose vials for adult use. All other vaccines are thimerosal free.

            2) No vaccines have aluminum (I think you mean aluminum salts used as adjuvants – and only a minority of vaccines have these adjuvants anyway). Aluminum salts have been shown to be safe at the doses contained in vaccines, and are NOT associated with Alzheimers – that is a pure myth. (In fact, flu vaccination has been shown to reduce the incidence of Alzheimers – but that is another tale…)

            3) The human infant liver makes around 60x more formaldehyde in a single hour than is found in any vaccine. If it were toxic at the doses found in vaccines, no infant would survive beyond 1 day of natural life.

          18. Hey, cool list.

            Now can you find even one ingredient in vaccines that is dangerous to humans in the quantity found in vaccines?

          19. I know what is in vaccines, thanks.
            And “all” of them do NOT contain “aluminium”, which is what you claimed.
            Have you even read your own reference?

          20. “In addition, forcing anything on any citizen is a violation of our Constitutitional rights.”

            And if anyone, anywhere, were forcibly vaccinating anyone else (other than serving members of the US military, who have voluntarily waived their constitutional rights for the duration of their service) you’d have the beginning of an argument.

            As things stand, however…

        3. They pull the shill accusation out because they don’t have any legitimate scientific evidence to back up their claims about the harms of vaccines.

    1. Not to be unkind but your picture suggests you are young and male. Not really the usual demographic to be facing the mandated vaccination of your children (unless maybe you are already a father?) Please educate yourself on the subject further before making a blanket statement. I’ve had to learn the hard way about this over several decades. For starters consider the new CDC ADULT vaccine schedule. If you are willing to say its okay for the state to mandate parents to vaccinate their children will you be as happy when you are required to receive more and more shots for school, work or the military?

      1. First of all, that picture is almost 10 years old at this point.

        Second, no, I am not a parent yet. But having been around children my entire life, that is a moot point.

        What is your problem with shots? No, I would not have a problem with it.

        1. You might not but your BABIES might well. Please educate yourself, there is MUCH more to this than you understand.

        2. What is your problem with Freedom ?
          What is you problem with the right to choose?
          What do you like most about the new Police State?

          1. No-one says you cannot choose. You are entirely free to decide whether to vaccinate your child or not.

            In some states, there may be consequences to that choice, such as being not allowed school entry, but then seeing as how you are cleverer than all the medical scientists I am sure you are clever enough to home educate your child if you live in one of those states.

          2. ” you can keep your doctor, your rates will
            be lower”
            ” The 9 most dangerous words you will ever hear;
            ”We’re the govt , and we’re here to help you ” Ronald Reagan
            Can Choose? Bold faced blsht lie……
            You can’t sue Vaccine Co’s fact/Obama signed
            it into law.

          3. Idiot? …Yeah, you are. I’m not a USAian yet even I know that Federal court and State court are different beasts. Yet you don’t.

            And again, I ask how come there is a suit against Merck over Zostavax side effects if Pharma can’t be sued?

          4. LOL Shill,
            I merely stated fact, CBS NEWS SHILL:
            “Supreme Court Vaccine Ruling:
            Parents can’t sue drug makers for kid’s
            health problems.”
            Obama signed into law another hideous ‘law’ protecting
            Monsanto, re: GMO seed contamination,
            the law was co written by Monsanto…☺☺
            They’re paying you way to much to shill here.☺

          5. I stated the facts. I never said anything about Federal court. I specified State court, I mentioned NVICP and illustrated that manufacturers can indeed be sued, since there is a current ongoing action against Merck for vaccine damage from Zostavax vaccine.
            Which bits of this can you not understand?

            PS: Drop the shill allegations – they are merely the resort of those who can’t argue the facts and who have no evidence.

          6. lol , it is very obvious that you are a Shill,
            no question about it.
            You are also a liar, I stated FACT from the
            start. CBS NEWS: VACCINES;
            No one here that I know of has ever said
            that all vaccines are bad , no one believes
            that , but the move to take ‘choice’ away
            is massive, and wrong.

          7. lol,
            It is obvious he is a shill, I stated nothing
            but fact, and backed it up, how is that
            losing ☺
            What did you bring to the conversation
            besides absolutely nothing?☺☺☺
            What have you got sport, we’re all dying
            to know☺

          8. What do I bring to the conversation?

            -The good sense that “shill” is a desperate attempt to salvage a failed argument…

            -Basic knowledge about the NVICP, which apparently you lack…

            -The ability to divide numbers, showing conclusively that vaccines are far safer than the alternative of not getting vaccinated…

          9. You brought nothing , I spotted him and called him out
            before I got into the ‘details’ I provided proof
            to support my statement that is not losing.
            You just brought trolling.
            Since you are here why don’t you show me your
            best work on the internet, content,
            what have you written
            that you feel contributes to Freedom, a better
            Anything, I doubt it, but would like to see your
            best work just the same if you have any….☺☺

          10. Lol. You were schooled about American law and policy by someone who isn’t even American.

            Based on your own source, the VICP, what is the expected chance of vaccine injury, and how does this compare to the injuries caused by diseases vaccines prevent? If you need a hint, you can ask nicely.

            Freedom isn’t always a good thing when people use it to justify harmful behavior.

          11. lol , You sound like you are the same idiot Shill that posted
            the ‘Not an American’ posts, sounds like blshit, how many accts
            do you have lol
            I was schooled on nothing I made a statement and backed it
            up , and since you have trouble with reading comprehension,
            I also mentioned that I’m am not anti vaccine , I’m against
            forced vaccines :facepalm: . You pretty much summed up your
            idiocy by stating your hate for freedom. ‘Harmful Behavior”
            , Hillary much ? ☺☺

          12. Your friend or ‘you’ under one of your other accts, provided
            intentionally misleading content claiming that the suits
            could only ‘NOT BE’ tried in Federal Court, but were tried in
            State Court, that is not only misleading but purposefully
            deceptive, the general discussion is related to Child
            immunization, the Case you/he offered up is an Adult
            case related to shingles. Adult Cases do not fall into
            the VICP program.
            VICP is not a Stated Court, and it is more like an Arbitrator
            than a court, so he/you are wrong everywhere.
            Below text is from a pro vacine site* which unwittingly
            makes a very clear argument against forced vaccines ,
            how do you go about paying out 3+ billion dollars* if all these
            vaccines are so cock sure safe….
            -answer: You don’t.

            You/the two of you have schooled yourselves.
            Were these cases held in State or Federal Courts,
            Merk would probably be out of business , or at least
            doing more/better/honest research, using safer substrates, being
            more transparent and vocal about possible side effects.
            Furthermore , for the majority of cases, the vaccine cannot be
            characterized as the ’cause of injury’ …. :facepalm:

            * “…Since… (VICP) began, more than 16,000 claims have been
            considered and a whopping $3.18 billion have been awarded to
            families alleging some kind of harm from vaccines. “

          13. -6,000 claims compensated, when BILLIONS of vaccines have been administered -That makes the chance of injury less than one-in-a-million, making vaccines safer than many mundane things we do every day!

            Thanks for showing, by your owns source, that vaccines are far, far safer than the diseases they prevent!

          14. Please show me the law (or case that set the precedent will work too) that says you can’t sue Vaccine Co’s. I expect it to actually show that and not just that you can’t sue for unavoidable design defects without going through NVICP first.

          15. Ijit’ ,
            The beauty of forced vaccines under
            color or law:
            VACCINE HORROR: Mother breaks down while telling her child’s story.
            ”All laws repugnant to the constitution are null
            and void” Marbury Madison 1803
            Read the Constitution , stop craping on it.

          16. You think you will be forced to vaccinate?
            Do the men in black helicopters with AR15s come and do it?

        3. China sounds like your cup of tea, Viiper Freido. They love compliant servants that are willing to follow their instructions to the letter. They hate freedom over there as well.

        4. Lots of AVs are afraid of shots. They won’t admit it though, so they cook up this nonsense about aluminum and such.

    2. You are not an immunologist and dont know enough about this to have an INFORMED OPINION. A good friend of many years was an immunologist for many years. He says it was common knowledge that you NEVER vaccinate a child under the age of 5 or 6 because THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS ARE NOT DEVELOPED ENOUGH AND CAN’T HANDLE THE NUMEROUS VACCINES GIVEN AT ONE TIME. This is fact. You can argue but it doesn’t change the fact that MILLIIONS of innocent babies and children have had their lives ruined, and don’t forge the numerous DEATHS FROM VACCINES either.
      Go pound sand, you have no common sense and no compassion.

      1. Emmett, I am one of those fathers who was ignorant and let the doctors vaccinate the daylights out of my two boys. I thought it would be alright, but I was wrong. I didn’t know then what I know now.
        Now, both of my boys have Type 1 Diabetes (which is nowhere to be found in my family) and I realize it was those damn vaccines that did it. I feel so guilty, like a child abuser, for letting them shoot all of that toxic junk into my sons :'(
        If only I’d known then what I know now…………………………

        1. Scott, my heart goes out to you, your boys and your whole family. This is tragic and it’s also why I keep speaking out about it. I’ve been banned, ridiculed, dismissed and even hated, but this is beyond inhumane and cruel and it’s so evil there is no word for it. Scott, you were not told and the truth was kept from you. You had no blame in this. Even though you may know this already, it all goes out the window when you become a parent and ALL decent parents feel guilty for harming their kids even though they didn’t know. Please dont blame yourself, get angry with the vaccine industry instead and all those who helped to cover it up. Your job now is to speak out, like you just did here, to let others know so that parents have the FACTS. My info comes from an immunologist, one who studies vaccines. You can tell others your info comes from immunology, in the days before science was so corrupted by our govt. Dont take on the blame, you can eat yourself up inside and wont be as effective as a parent. But also remember that ALL of the best parents always feel guilt over something they did as a parent. Be good to yourself and your family and lets hope a cure for type I diabetes is found SOON. Blessings on your and thank you for speaking out, it helped me to feel good for talking about this.You have my prayers.

        2. I’m sorry your kids have diabetes, but don’t feel guilty; its almost certain that you are not to blame.
          T1 diabetes in children is usually triggered by acute natural viral infections with enteroviruses such as Coxsackie and other viruses like CMV, flu and rotavirus. (Fortunately there is a vaccine for rotavirus now, and flu vaccine is also recommended for kids).

          Interestingly, vaccines like BCG (against TB) seem to reduce the incidence of T1 diabetes.

          1. Do not be so naïve. We never had these types of diseases in kids or so few you never heard of them. Vaccines are the government’s way of depopulation and doctors are being pushed and shoved, just like this doctor, to just do what they are told or be expelled. I know this as fact because a friend of mine who was a general practitioner finally killed himself because of the harassment and disgraceful actions against him by law enforcement who acted on behalf of the California government. He was a practicing doctor of the highest caliber for years, over 30 years, until this started. If you don’t educate yourself on what is actually happening out there, then you and others like yourself will also be perpetrators.

        3. “I realize it was those damn vaccines that did it.”

          How exactly did you establish it was actually the vaccines they received that caused your children to develop Type 1 diabetes? Describe the method.

          1. You should not challenge someone on this. Read and be informed. Read Leonard Horowitz, DMD books, it is all explained, documented and then see how this came about.

          2. Why shouldn’t I ask someone to support such a claim, especially in the light of the very large body of evidence rebutting a causal association between routine childhood vaccination and the injuries they’re claiming the cause??

            Re: Horowitz, I can’t find any articles he’s authored indexed in PubMed. Perhaps you can tell me in which peer-reviewed scientific journals he’s published the explanation and documentation you’re speaking of?

      2. If children under the age of 6 have such undeveloped immune systems that they can’t “handle” a vaccination, how do they survive all the childhood infections?
        Your “good friend” may have been an immunologist, but if he was, he was an extremely ignorant one.

        1. They do not survive, they get other types of immune reactions, like cancers, diabetes, unexplained diseases, etc. We were all surviving childhood illnesses before the vaccinations, and polio was not ever an epidemic in the USA. Many of the vaccines for polio have actually been causing polio now. Also, you and others might benefit in reading some of the writings of Leonard Horowitz, DMD on this matter as his books do point out the risk, dangers, etc. Dr. Horowitz is a Harvard graduate who has spent his life trying to educate the public; I applaud him and this doctor who do take precautions. Vaccines have also been given to people over several years now, with each generation the effects sink deeper and deeper into the genetic tract, resulting in much worse repercussions. I might add, at this point, that vaccines are also the cause of all our animal maladies. I am old enough to remember that the waiting rooms of vets were always empty; that is seldom the case now.

      3. “This is fact.”
        If it actually is a fact, You should have no trouble offering something more than “A good friend of mine has told me so” in support of the claim.
        Care to try?

    3. Vaccine preventable diseases are mostly harmless. The vaccines come with serious side effects. By the time your infant dies from a vaccine, it’s too late to say no to the others. There is not enough informed consent about vaccines. Parents are not given information about all the possible side effects from vaccines. When you are the parent of a child who was perfectly healthy and normal, gets several vaccines, and suddenly afterward regresses into autism, coma, or some other serious issue, maybe then you will change your mind. There are many parents who this has happened to. They don’t have anything to gain by telling their stories, except to educate other parents about the dangers of vaccines. Meanwhile, the pharma companies have a lot on the line–profit, which is their main concern, not public health. If the government really cared about public health, they would mandate breastfeeding, which is filled with positive health benefits and NO adverse effects. The reason they don’t: They care more about profit for their corporate friends than public health. A sick population is easier to control, and easy to continue making money off of.

      1. I fully agree with you, Janis, except for govt mandated breastfeeding.
        I’m all for breastfeeding, but giving the govt the right to force a woman to do it is no different than the govt forcing us to take vaccines. The govt has no right to force us to use our bodies as they wish. Our bodies belong only to ourselves, not the govt.

      2. Vaccines are Harmless, that is why the industry is exempt
        from wrongful death lawsuits ?

        1. They are pretty safe.
          Damage claims are channeled through NVICP, and the compensation rate for possible (not proven) damage runs at 0.7 claims per million vaccine shots.

          1. blsht shill,
            Wait till you child dies or is permanently disabled
            from a vaccine, then tell us how safe they are.
            No one is fooled by you, shill. Not in USA …☺☺
            Have no dog in the fight, blsht shill.☺

          2. What exactly is your method for determining whether or not a death or permanent disability has been caused by a vaccine? Be specific.

            I trust it’s based on something other than a post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy.

          3. Vaccine manufactures were losing so much money from people whose children were dying or were being incapacitated by vaccines that they essentially blackmailed Ronald Reagan and in essense said “We are going to stop making all vaccines unless you protect us from all these lawsuits because it’s getting really hard to make the billions of dollars we want to make in this business.”

            So in 1986 congress passed the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, often referred to as VICA. Ronald Reagan reticently signed the act. Now vaccine manufacturers have absolutely no incentive to make vaccines safe and effective and now, like no other industry before them, they get a free ride. But that is not enough for them. They want more and more money so they want mandatory vaccination so they can make more and more billions on the backs of injured children and adults.

            Over 200 vaccines are now in the pipeline, none of which will really be proven safe or effective before unleashing them on the unsuspecting public, because they don’t have to. If they are unsafe they get of scott free. Oh there will a week or two study with 30 patients or something like that and the statistics will be massaged and represented in relative terms instead of absolute terms, but such studies are not designed to show harm or even real effectiveness, because again, they are off the hook for any damage anyway.

            You are entitled to your beliefs but all the evidence shows me that I don’t want any part of it.

          4. All the evidence points to the fact that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You repeat one false anti-vaccine point after another. Want examples?

      3. VPDs harmless my derriere! 30% of all measles patients, that is 30% of everyone, because everyone got it, has at least one complication. There’s more informed consent for vaccines than for some surgeries. Have you ever seen a VIS? (Dumb question, of course you haven’t.) Here is what must be given out prior to every vaccine in the US. (Different for each vaccine.)

      4. “Vaccine preventable diseases are mostly harmless. The vaccines come with serious side effects.”

        You have those claims the wrong way round.

        It is the vaccines which are only very rarely harmful, and it is the diseases which cause disease (obviously) and death.
        Prevaccine, around 10,000-12,000 deaths occurred each year from these “harmless” vaccine-preventable diseases in the USA.

      5. Vaccine preventable diseases are mostly harmless.

        The Netherlands provides fascinating case studies on measles as it is a country with one of the highest living standards in the world, yet it has a “Bible Belt” that does not vaccinate. During a 2004/2005 measles outbreakwith 3292 reported cases (94% of which were unvaccinated), 3 children died, 157 had to be hospitalized and 519 had complications (5 of which involved encephalitis). The study pointed out that “even in a wealthy country, measles is not just a mild childhood disease but can cause severe complications and even death.” The outbreak was unable to spread to areas with high vaccination coverage, indicating that these deaths and complications may have been avoided with sufficient vaccination coverage.

        “Measles Epidemic in The Netherlands, 1999–2000” Susan van den Hof, Marina A. E. Conyn–van Spaendonck, Jim E. van Steenbergen
        The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 186, Issue 10, 15 November 2002, Pages 1483–1486,

      6. “Vaccine preventable diseases are mostly harmless”

        By what rational argument can a disease like measles, which caused more than 145,000 deaths worldwide in 2013, be accurately described as harmless?

    4. Perhaps those with severe allergic reactions to vaccines should move out of CA with the millions of other Californians who fled over the past 10 years.

      1. With what money? ANd why should we leave our homes?? I’ve lived here all my 64 yrs. My friends and family are here. Maybe we should stay and fight for our health freedom!

        1. Good luck with that fight, my friend! Eight years after the crash of ’08, the value of our home increased enough that we were finally able to sell without going into the hole with just enough money to move to Texas where the cost of living and shopping is actually cheaper than Cali AND there are jobs. There are no entire blocks of businesses shut down AND the already exorbitant health insurance policy obama cause to be terminated (despite his promises) and the replacement I could no longer afford to pay for costs significantly less in Texas. All in all, my loyalty to the place of my birth no longer exists because my state is no longer the wonderful place it once was (and I am only 2 years younger than you, Emmett). But, again, good luck. You are fighting a losing battle against liberal progressive fascists in charge in Sacramento.

          1. Um, actually it might well be. They are talking about forced vax for seniors with flu shots – which are killing lots of seniors. Also, it DOES affect my grandchildren and I do care about the health of all children. If you are a parent and aren’t outraged, WHY NOT?

          2. Spreading lies about flu shots?

            You may be complicit in causing harm to your grandchildren.

          3. “Forced vax for seniors”? Details please.
            Who exactly is proposing seniors be forcibly vaccinated against their will, and how exactly do they plan to carry out such a program–a gun to their head? Overwhelming them with sheer numbers, wrestling them to the ground and then injecting them?

          4. No one is talking about force vaxing seniors. Quit being paranoid. I am not outraged because the only reason children should not be vaxed is a medical exemption and a damn good reason for one, not some made up BS.

          5. Im married to an immunologist (one who studies vaccines). He has no problem with vaccines, it’s what they put in them and the huge number given to kids under 5 – which NEVER used to be done, as it is known that vaccinating kids under 5 is very very bad, there immune systems aren’t formed until age 5 or 6 and they can’t handle the onslaught. and I live in Calif, YES they are talking about it, I do keep up with news. They have been talkng about introducing a bill for it, and since all kids in school need to be mandatorily vaccinated already for 5 yrs or so, it isn’t a stretch that they would eventually include seniors and then the entire population. Since you think vaccines are perfectly fine WHY DO YOU FIND IT PARANOID THINKING TO FORCE VACCINATIONS? WHAT SCARES YOU?

          6. The diseases we vax for are infinitely worse than anything in vaccines. That is the point. I am concerned that your husband does not understand that point. No one is going to mandate vaccines for all citizens but I don’t doubt there will be more bills to mandate vaccines for those who work in healthcare and education and for students.

            No one forces anyone to be vaccinated in USA.

            What scares you?

          7. No one forces anyone to be vaccinated in USA.

            You could make the argument that the DOD forces military personnel to be vaccinated – but then, nobody forces you to join the military.

          8. “They are talking about forced vax for seniors with flu shots” — who is “they?”

    5. Viper, you are terribly ignorant about not only what is in vaccines, but our basic Constitutional Rights.
      First of all, I’m Pro Choice. I believe we have a right under the 4th Amendment and basic Human Rights to refuse vaccines. Forcing us to take them goes completely against everything the Founding Fathers stood for and supported.

      Second, I would have little problem with vaccines if they didn’t contain adjuncts. These are unnecessary additives like Mercury, Formaldehyde, Timerasol, MSG, Arsenic, and other very toxic substances. They all have adjuncts added to them. Do you want this crap pumped into your body?

      Another thing i noticed: The govt is trying to get infants and toddlers vaccinated with the HPV vaccine. This vaccine is no good after 10 years. So by the time these kids get old enough to start having sex, it has worn off. There is no reason in the world for a little child to have an HPV vaccine. It’s all part of govt control. And population control.

      1. If you would be fine with them without adjuncts, then you should be fighting for them to be removed instead of fighting to not have to take vaccines. The more people that don’t get vaccinated increase the chances of preventable outbreaks.

        Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that the choice to not get vaccinated increases the likelihood that someone else will die because of that choice. Vaccines need to be mandatory, however, I agree that the harmful ingredients need to be removed or lowered to the point where they are no longer harmful to the human body but still effective at their job.

        Side notes:
        -> Mercury isn’t directly added to vaccines, thimerosal is. The human body then breaks it down into mercury.
        -> The levels of formaldehyde potentially in vaccines are inconsequential.

        1. “Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that the choice to not get
          vaccinated increases the likelihood that someone else will die because
          of that choice.” Bologna! That is the old dis-proven “Herd Immunity” theory.

          1. I honestly don’t know how to respond to this. Herd immunity has not been disproven, it is what prevents outbreaks from spreading or even occuring.

          2. I would hardly call Dr. Russel Blaylock M.D. a quack Nor would I call Susan Humphries M.D. a quack. Calling eminent physicians who, based on extensive research, have differing opinions “quacks”, is just that, name calling. I see nothing in the articles you sent proving herd immunity. They are just a rehash of the theory. To each his own.

          3. “Yawn again and again and again.”
            You seem tired, Linda. Take a break. Maybe a long one?

          4. I agree. I think they are both quacks. Blaylock sells several health scams that make him likely more money than being a doctor did. He is a modern day snake oil salesman. Humphries is just off her rocker. Yes, I read her book. Cherry picking nightmare. They are certainly not eminent. Infamous, perhaps.

          5. How about “obscure” and “unknown” crackpots? Neither have any publications, research, or education in the pertinent fields. Humphries has 0 pubmed indexed research articles and believes in magic water. Blaylock has a few in his field (not vaccines or infectious diseases) from before he went insane. He now writes loony articles about Chemtrailz!!11!!! and black helicopters…
            Such are the (non) experts the anti-vaccine cult worships.

          6. “I would hardly call Dr. Russel Blaylock M.D. a quack Nor would I call
            Susan Humphries M.D. a quack. Calling eminent physicians who, based on extensive research, have differing opinions “quacks”, is just that, name calling.”

            They are quacks. I call em as I see em, no point in lying, is there…?

            They have absolutely no expertise in vaccines, infectious diseases or epidemiology, yet make ridiculous claims about vaccines. As for their “research” on vaccines…neither of them seem to have done any, …well nothing that has been published, anyway.

            They both have entries in the US Encyclopedia of Loons.

          7. Blaylock? Yikes. I have known a number of neurologists and neurosurgeons in my 30+ years in healthcare. With one exception, they were all raging narcissists.

          8. They aren’t quacks because they are eminent physicians who have done extensive research. They haven’t.

            One of the reason they’re quacks is because they’ve convinced gullible people like you that they are.
            It makes you more likely to buy their snake oil.

          9. Russell Blaylock’s formal training is as a neurosurgeon, not as an immunologist or epidemiologist. In addition to having his own entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons (#505), Blaylock has argued that vaccination is responsible for not only autism but also Parkinsons and Amyotropic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) as the result of vaccines inducing localized glutamate activity in the brain. He’s offered no evidence this occurs, of course. He argued that the H1N1 flu vaccine was more dangerous than remaining vulnerable to influenza because of squalene–something it did not in fact contain. He’s jumped on the anti-fluoridated water and anti dental amalgam quack bandwagons. He’s suggested that vaccination is part of an Illuminati depopulation program. And he has been a regular guest on Alex Jones Show.

            Sure sounds like a quack to me.

            Suzanne (not Susan) Humphries also has her own entry in American Loons (#783). She embraces homeopathy–what more needs to be said?

          10. Yawn again. Just more name calling because a physician has an alternate view. Name calling and shaming is just a tool to shut down alternate views. . Russell Blaylock may or may not turn out to be right but many so called “Quacks” in their day turned out to 100 percent right in later decade. Semmelwleis was also called a quack (or whatever they called people with alternate views in those days) for suggesting that doctors wash their hands when going from dealing with corpses to attending childbirth. And he was right. Yawn yawn yawn.

          11. Semmelweis had evidence to back up his claims.

            The quacks don’t. That’s how you know the difference.

            Are you familiar with how “Nigerian Prince” email scams work?

          12. Yeah, sometimes it’s frustrating when people are in downright denial, and responding to that can be difficult.

        2. Viper, I have voiced opposition to the adjuncts to my reps & senators, as well as doctors. Nothing that is harmful to our bodies is inconsequential.
          Plus, there are far more additives that are harmful than what I listed.
          Mercury is the second deadliest thing known to mankind and no amount is harmless. That alone is reason to be alarmed.

          Your generation does not understand that the govt has NO right to force anything upon our bodies and it is of the grossest human rights violations to do so. Govt is not the solution to problems, but usually the creator of the problems, or the one who makes them worse. The govt is already totally out of control and must be reigned in if we are to have any freedom left in the near future. Have a look into the huge info gathering center just outside of Salt Lake City that records all Emails, phone calls, tweets, texts,etc and stores them in files for every person in the country. Then, there is the “Real ID;” basically, it is our “papers,” as the Nazis referred to them during the ’30’s & ’40’s. They are pretty much the same thing. These are just two examples. I could give you far more examples, but space doesn’t permit it.

          Most diseases requiring vaccines had been wiped out (in the US) by the end of the 20th C. But the illegal influx of all of the aliens and invaders from the Middle East, Latin America, and a few other countries has given a whole new rise to these diseases. Now, they are becoming a problem.

          The first thing that needs to happen is to expulse all of these “emigrants” and stop them from entering the country, period. They have no right to be here and most come with bad intentions. They are bringing in all of these diseases and reintroducing them into American society. No one needs this.
          Just remember this: It is our God given right to refuse vaccines, and the scare tactic of “you’ll infect and kill many other people” (aka The Typhoid Mary excuse) is not valid except in a very few cases.

          1. So now the issue isn’t just vaccines, it’s immigrants? The reason that diseases requiring vaccines had been wiped out in the US is BECAUSE of the vaccines. That does not mean that you stop giving the vaccines, because we are increasingly a more global community. Just because a disease has been wiped out in our country, does not mean that it is eliminated from the planet. All it takes is one person visiting the country (note that I sad visiting, not immigrating) to cause a mass outbreak if you stop vaccinating.

            Obviously you are against allowing others into the “free” nation, which is nothing but a country of immigrants from the very beginning. Yes, ILLEGAL immigrants need to be taken care of. LEGAL immigration, on the other hand, needs to be expanded and improved. We do not need to “stop them from entering the country” as you put it. Who do you think harvests the food you eat? The VAST majority of farm workers are IMMIGRANTS. Learn the facts before showing your true colors.

          2. No, no, Viiper, not “immigrants”, but “emigrants”!

            (Maybe just stupidity on their part, or maybe they thought of people who emigrate??? Who knows with these guys!)

          3. Most diseases requiring vaccines had been wiped out (in the US) by the
            end of the 20th C. But the illegal influx of all of the aliens and
            invaders from the Middle East, Latin America, and a few other countries
            has given a whole new rise to these diseases. Now, they are becoming a

            1. Those diseases that were “wiped out” were wiped out by (drumroll) vaccines! And we have to keep vaccinating to keep them wiped out.
            2. Rotavirus vaccine and HPV vaccine were not introduced until 2006. Prior to that, about 100% of kids got rotavirus by age 5 and 80%-90% of all people got HPV disease.
            3. Immingrants from Central and South America have as high or higher vaccination rates as some places int he US.

          4. 1. Those diseases that were “wiped out” were wiped out by (drumroll) vaccines! Nope. Charts and history tell otherwise.

          5. “Those diseases that were “wiped out” were wiped out by (drumroll) vaccines! Nope. Charts and history tell otherwise.”

            Measles was “wiped out” without vaccines? Chickenpox? Polio? Rotavirus? Pneumonia? HiB meningitis? Rubella? Mumps?

            Which charts are you sourcing, and whose “history” are you referring to?

          6. Charts and history very clearly show vaccines wiped out several diseases. Want examples?

        3. Oh Viper, you’ve obviously missed all of those FDA ‘for public release’ statements on their website over the years speaking to the fact that vaccines INFECT the recipient AND make the recipient CONTAGIOUS for 3 to 6 weeks thereafter. The FDA’s own conclusion has been that the vaccinated are infecting the un-vaccinated, which they then state ‘will be further reviewed.’

          Your stance on mandatory vaccines is the equivalent of a government law requiring me to drink alcohol though I choose to not (knowing it induces physiological harm). Your perception of vaccines is your opinion, to which you’re entitled. However, your entitlement to a personal opinion in no way diminishes my entitlement to same; in fact, it has the opposite effect of reinforcing my right to an equal same.

          The US is not yet a full-fledged Police State and I don’t recall your appointment as Medical Dictator, so please express your opinion and leave it at that. Some individuals have no issues following dictates, until one comes along which elicits strong disagreement.

          BTW, definition of thimerosal: a mercury-containing preservative… ( As an ELEMENT, mercury will typically be found chemically bonded with another element or compound-group. Whatever you wish to call it, it’s still mercury being injected into a person. Funny how the government creates its Ten-Most-Dangerous-to-Humans list and then approves those very ten for use in food and medications – you know, just a little bit in your body is ‘inconsequential,’ really, just believe us, even though we are fully aware of the harmful cumulative effects. Lending thoughtful consideration to blatant contradictions can go far to birth a much-needed strong independent critical thinker versus just one more exhibiting echolalia.

          1. The only information I can find from the FDA says nothing about what you claim.

            Before arguing about the toxicity of an element, you have to first understand that there are major differences between the element and any derivatives of the element. In the case of mercury and thimerisal, the mercury is in the form of ethylmercury. When it comes to mercury found in fish, it is methylmercury. Do you understand the differences in toxicity of either variations vs elemental mercury?

          2. eyesandears doesn’t understand the most basic facts about toxicology or what makes something toxic. Thimerosal in the micrograms level found in vaccines is not harmful.

          3. The WHO’s conclusion that ethylmercury is safer because of its “short” half-life may be based on observations that ethylmercury disappears from blood samples quicker than methylmercury. This tendency may be evidence not of ethylmercury’s comparative safety, but of its greater danger if, as science has suggested, ethylmercury is not leaving the body but simply migrating more rapidly to the organs, including the brain. Indeed, studies have shown that an ethylmercury compound’s short residence in the blood stems from its ability to more easily pass into the organs, where it can remain for long periods and possibly cause injury.

            For example, A. M. J. N. Blair in 1975 dosed squirrel monkeys intranasally with saline or Thimerosal daily for six months, finding that, compared to the saline group, mercury concentrations in the Thimerosal group were significantly raised in the brain, liver, muscle, and kidney, though not in the blood. Although there were no signs of toxicity in the animals, Blair concluded that the “accumulation of mercury from chronic use of thiomersal-preserved medicines is viewed as a potential health hazard for man.”

          4. What part of the anti-vaccine rant was correct?

            You appear to have a difficult time distinguishing reality from nonsense.

        4. OK so you work for vaccine industry. As I said before, go pound sand. Your “knowledge is less than useless.”

          1. No, I don’t. If I did, I’d be making a heck of a lot more money than I make now. If your only argument is “you must be an industry shill,” you obviously don’t have anything else to back up your defense. Just sayin’

        5. So vaccinated kids can get infected by non-vaccinated? Then why get vaccinated? You just proved your level of ignorance. You also just proved that you are a shill. Vaccines are supposed to PROTECT THE VACCINATED. Duh. And WOW, just wow, your statements are a real piece of work.

          1. I’m getting tired of y’all who’s entire argument is “you’re wrong so you must be a shill.” I’m just a guy with an opinion, who is learning that his original view was extremely short-sighted. As I’ve said, I’m open to learning. However, you don’t seem keen on teaching, just on attacking, so you must be a young child or something.

            Not everyone who gets vaccinated has the same immunoresponse. So to say that getting a vaccine gives you 100% immunity is just ignorant. Vaccines DO greatly improve your chances of not catching the disease.

            Also, it works the opposite way. Vaccines are to protect those who cannot get vaccinated. But you bring in someone who has a strong strain of the disease, and it could overpower whatever defenses the immune system built.

            Think of it this way. You are the ruling leader of a city, and there is an army on its way to attack it. You obviously need to build up your defenses, but you don’t have enough resources. You then go to your citizens to all pitch in to gather/provide the resources. Not everyone is going to be able to help, but most will be able to. Now, assuming the defenses erected are strong enough, the army can be defeated. However, if they aren’t strong enough, then it was a waste of time and everybody dies. Which option would you want? A) you die anyway with no protection B) you have a chance at survival with protection?

          2. “So vaccinated kids can get infected by non-vaccinated?”

            Vaccines are not 100% effective: some individuals simply don’t respond by generating protective antibody titers whether in response to a vaccination or infection by a disease itself (my son, for example, has had chicken pox three times). If you’re one of the few to several percent that aren’t responders you can be infected despite being vaccinated.

            “Then why get vaccinated?”

            Because vaccines while not 100% effective are very, very effective at causing the development of protective titers. Better than 90% of those receiving one dose of the MMR vaccine respond by producing a protective titer against measles, while roughly 98% of those that both scheduled doses do so.



        6. Well, Viiper, when the anti-vacs complained about thimerosal, the companies removed it in an abundance of caution. So the AVs just jumped on aluminum. If aluminum is removed, they’ll find something else. It’s the vaccines they really don’t like, and they’re all scared of needles.

      2. It’s BS that there’s any effort to vaccinate infants and toddlers with HPV. The vaccine is not approved for kids under 9. And the vaccine is holding its immunity in studies. It’s been out 12 years now.

      3. Agreed, but the liberals will keep changing the topic on you like
        they do me , this is not all about Vaccines though they come
        with horrible risks , it is about being FORCED, they ignore that
        fact , even if you say it ten times, they want to always shift the
        conversation to ‘something else’ , its the best they can do….

  2. I knew it would be only a matter of time before California, the state of my birth from which I escaped years ago, became a totalitarian fascist state…the first state to become a progressive experiment that is likely to creep eastward to the rest of the nation, like cancer, if left unchecked. Of course, A “Sanctuary State” that permits everyone from third-world nations that carry diseases eradicated from America decades ago is likely to see an upsurge of diseases no American generation alive today has ever seen. Truly, the FDA is not doing their job and should be disbanded and, perhaps Californians should be required to have a passport before crossing their borders into AZ, NV, and OR.

  3. Awaken! Political and religious doctrines have coerced, frightened, and divided people throughout history. Propaganda prompts these maladies to incite profitable wars and justify genocides. What if everything you learned about vaccines was false; smallpox and polio vaccinations didn’t really eliminate those plagues, and epidemics like AIDS, Ebola and pandemic cancers came from Anglo-American lab viruses not African monkeys or bats? What if the “vaccination paradigm” was politically contrived, criminally accompliced, and scientifically flawed? Join the defenders of human rights and the movement opposing suppressed vaccine science, resisting mandatory intoxications forced on people of all ages destroying natural immunity and devastating millions of families under the guises of “public health” and “herd immunity.” Help save lives by awakening people about the illusion of vaccine safety and efficacy!

  4. Bayer is just as bad as Monsanto. See video In Lies We Trust by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz or

  5. Dr. Sears is a pediatrician, and they are the doctor type that is having this trouble over medical exemptions. So shop around for doctors until you find one that has actually read the vaccine inserts and understands the dangers of vaccines. That should be your only concern.

  6. many preventable disease outbreaks have increased in recent years. Diseases such as polio, measles and rubella which is mild expect when caught by a pregnant mother it deadly and disabling to the fetus have resurfaced with increasing frequency in the United States due to groups not getting vaccinated as remember we live in a global world as even Ebola came here

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