Will COVID Lead to Forced Vaccination?

COVID-19 vaccines are in the works, but will we be allowed to make informed choices? Action Alert!

Public health authorities have told us that we can expect COVID-19 lockdowns until a vaccine is developed. Efforts to address “vaccine hesitancy” are ramping up because of the pandemic, potentially putting us on the road to mandatory vaccination for COVID-19. The government also appears to have a financial stake in some of the vaccines, setting the stage for corruption. We’re joining our friends at ANH-International in calling for full transparency so Americans can educate themselves before making a decision about COVID-19 vaccination. It’s a shame that such a basic right must be fought for, but such is nature of our broken healthcare system.

It is deeply troubling that government officials who help set vaccine policy have a financial stake in vaccines. This alone warrants full transparency. There is evidence that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns half the patent for Moderna’s COVID vaccine, and NIH scientists have filed provisional patent applications that could see each of them collect as much as $150,000 annually in royalties from the vaccine. This arrangement invites corruption, and may help explain why the government let Moderna skip animal trials for the vaccine and infused $483 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to speed its development.

The federal government has, in total, gifted $4 billion to Big Pharma to support the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, including $1.6 billion to a company, Novavax, that has never brought a product to market. If taxpayers are going to support the development of vaccines, then surely we are entitled to the full data on their development, safety and efficacy, and all other pertinent data.

The government is also gearing up for a propaganda war to make sure they get a return on their investment. An article in Science bemoans the fact that only 50% of Americans are committed to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. But don’t worry! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now working on a plan to boost “vaccine confidence” as part of the federal effort to develop a vaccine, named “Operation Warp Speed.” Other groups are strategizing the best ways to convince people to get vaccinated, stressing the need for “better storytelling,” or even recommending phone call reminders to get the vaccine to boost vaccination rates.

The Science article does note that “the frenetic pace of vaccine development may play into [vaccine hesitancy]. Even advocates have worried that the rush for a vaccine raises the risk it could be ineffective or have harmful side effects.”

As ANH-International points out, public health authorities and the mainstream media refer to “vaccine hesitancy” as a public health threat that must be addressed. This ignores that trust has been eroded by these very same public health authorities constantly claiming that all vaccines are 100% safe when that is clearly not the case. The US vaccine court, for example, has paid out over $4 billion to families of children harmed by vaccines (the vaccine court exists because vaccine manufacturers are shielded from liability for their products.)

Informed consent for COVID-19 vaccination is crucially important, especially because development of this vaccine is being fast-tracked by the manufacturers vying to become the first to develop a viable vaccine. According to ANH-International,

The timetable currently being considered by governments and health authorities does not allow sufficient time for the phased evaluation process normally used by regulatory agencies to evaluate effectiveness and safety, that typically includes animal studies (multiple species) and both preclinical and clinical trials.

The expedited development of the vaccine turns us, the patients, into guinea pigs. The manufacturers don’t care—they will likely be shielded from liability. This is exactly why all of the data from vaccine development must be made available to the public prior to a vaccine’s roll-out, so risk/benefit can be assessed and weighed by each individual. This is standard for every other medical treatment, so vaccines should be no different.

Here is ANH-International’s 10-point manifesto we are supporting:

The 10-point VACCINE TRANSPARENCY Manifesto

  1. Full disclosure of raw data from studies and trials to allow independent analysis
  2. Full transparency in relation to safety and efficacy trials
  3. Full transparency over the vaccine platform(s) and technology used for commercial vaccines
  4. Conduct of comprehensive studies evaluating the independent risks from adjuvants (additives)
  5. Full disclosure of vaccine composition in commercial formulations
  6. Full transparency of all adverse event data in all studies and post-marketing surveillance
  7. Clarification of eligibility and criteria for no-fault vaccine injury payments or compensation
  8. Clarification of nature and extent of government indemnity of manufacturers in the event of vaccine injury
  9. Public dissemination of extent of naturally-acquired (herd) immunity prior to vaccine roll-out and individual consent
  10. Involvement of elected representatives in due democratic process should mandatory vaccination be contemplated by authorities

The attack on vaccine choice is just part of a concerted campaign by federal agencies undermining consumer choice for natural health options. The FDA is trying to create insurmountable barriers to access homeopathic medicines. The FDA and FTC and some state’s attorneys general have also recently told doctors they can’t advise both their patients and the public about natural prevention and treatment for COVID-19. This is unacceptable.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to support vaccine transparency. Please send your message immediately.

18 thoughts on “Will COVID Lead to Forced Vaccination?”

  1. I am not opposed to vaccines, BUT the vaccines need to be “cleaned up” from contaminants, retroviruses, foreign DNA, adjuvants. Thank you.

  2. I refused to be harmed by a vaccine and then have no legal recourse or compensation.

  3. Revolting!! This is a real violation of our rights. These vaccinations cause more mutations which result in more powerful virus. I believe future generations will find our policies criminal.

  4. Please stop forcing any unwanted medical procedures, including vaccines onto those who do not want to, the vaccines is more harmful to immune system than benefits, the human beings are made to handle those situations called ‘pandemic’. Anybody is sick from this pandemic need get immune system strengthened.

    It is not virus made people sick, it is the weaker immune system, those who have weaker immune system will be sick even there is no pandemic or no virus around. They are sick regardless.

    We need help people to strengthen immune system, but not weaken it. Vaccines will only weaken the immune system, never strengthen it.

    people lost common sense, it is sad situation that people Live with no common sense. People brains are programmed wrong, it is hard to un-program The wrong program and reprogram the right one, it is sad time that we are facI got and living in now.

  5. We should focus on strengthening immune by eating true real food…

    Vaccines, masks wearing, social distancing are weakening the immune system.

    At the time, we need strength our immune system, but we are ask to do the things that weakening the immune.


  6. What a Plandemic this is turning out to be. A Nightmare is in the making, thanks to evil men like Bill “Kill” Gates and his side kick Anthony Fouchi. All of the people who fund level 3 and 4 Biological Weapons Labs belong in prison or the ground. Gates and Fouchi are responsible for this Plandemic and they are liable for all of the death and suffering around the world.

  7. 0n any Covid-19 vaccine please hold the manufacturer strictly accountable. No short cuts.

  8. If a politician (Republican or Democrat) tries to force (or coerce) me or my family into having to take a Covid vaccine, there will be complete non-compliance. When the government takes away our personal choice related to our bodies and our health, it is a huge step too far.

    I am a well educated, well informed individual who agrees with many other well educated people who believe we must have choice when it comes to our health and the model of care we prefer. This is a constitutional right. If corrupt federal agencies, and greedy private interests want to sell their highly profitable products to people who will accept their fear tactics and phony sound bites, let them be the guinea pigs.

    Our ability to choose our health care model and how we respond to illness/disease is a fundamental right, just as a women has the “right to choose” when pregnant. We are no longer a democracy when the medical establishment, big Pharma, and government agencies (run by the same industries) demand we choose their models.

  9. Please support vaccine transparency. If taxpayers are going to support the development of vaccines, then surely we are entitled to the full data on their development, safety and efficacy, and all other pertinent data.

  10. There has not been verifiable proof that ANY “safe” vaccine has been manufactured to date for any malady. This is now and always has been about making money, not making people safer and healthier. This Covid- will be no different – inject the people, pocket the cash……another government SCAM! JUST SAY NO!

  11. I am an aged person &healthy fir most part.Ive not had a flu shot since the swine flu epidemic way back in the 1960-70?I’ve NO INTENTION of being a guinea pig for those who care not the least for human life &only for $$$$$$!period!!!!

  12. Thank You for being well informed and for taking a stand to helping humanity understand what is at stake. Bodily autonomy is not for sale, not now, not ever unless we want to parade voluntarily into enslavement. We all must do what we can to be educated and active in preserving our human rights! Thank you for being BRAVE. Thank You for being on the right side of history! Thank you for being FOR informed consent. Thank you for being a ray of HOPE in this time we call our now~

  13. Not only vaccines should never be mandated, but it should be illegal for any organization, work place or school to require vaccination. If vaccination is a free choice, those who take it do so to protect themselves; they are protected so that there is no need for other people to protect them. There is no way we can force people to inject anything into their bodies, and many will be damaged or die from it and should be free to choose which risk they would rather take. The idea that they protect others is invalid since those who take the vaccine are then protected.

  14. I urge you to take a cautious approach to mandatory vaccination and getting a vaccine to market for covid. As the mortality rate appears to be only around 1/2 of 1 % of the population. To force people to get a vaccine is not in the best interest of the population especially when they have been looking for other corona virus vaccines and have not been able to develops one. We need transparency
    Thank you for your consideration

  15. Not tested on animals? We’re supposed to be the Guinea pigs? Not acceptable!

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