COVID Vaccine Will Be Useless for Half of Population?

We need to make sure we have the freedom to use natural medicine to stay healthy rather than rely solely on potentially dangerous and yet untested vaccines. Action Alert!

The stage continues to be set for COVID vaccine mandates, with schools requiring flu shots and COVID vaccines (once approved)—even for virtual learning. That is pretty amazing: requiring non-resident students to comply.

The science tells us mandating these vaccines may not be such a good idea: Pentagon research suggests that flu shots make us more susceptible to other respiratory infections. In addition, chronic inflammation, which more than half of Americans suffer from, makes vaccines ineffective. All of this emphasizes why we and our doctors must have the right to make our own personal decisions about vaccines. Meanwhile there is a pressing need for doctors and others to be ungagged and allowed to talk about natural medicines to ward off COVID-19 and other illnesses.

About the Pentagon research: A Department of Defense study in 2018 found that individuals vaccinated against the flu were 36 percent more likely to test positive for a coronavirus than unvaccinated individuals. There are other studies that also suggest flu vaccination increases the risk of non-flu viral infections and respiratory illness.  Keep in mind that this is exactly what COVID is: a non-flu respiratory illness. A recent white paper looking at all-cause mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic found that significantly fewer children are dying compared to previous years—the authors argue that the decrease in childhood vaccinations has reduced incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

In the face of evidence showing that flu vaccination increases the likelihood of COVID-19, it is irresponsible to mandate the flu shot for college students, or anyone else. It is also foolish to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine before one has even been approved. There will be tremendous political and public pressure to approve a COVID vaccine as soon as possible, one that could be ineffective and dangerous—a scenario one vaccine researcher writes is not only possible but quite likely.

We also know that vaccines don’t tend to work well in those with chronic inflammation, which is a characteristic of many chronic diseases including obesity: the prevalence of obesity alone in the US is 42.4 percent.

The FDA recently said that a COVID-19 vaccine only needs to be 50 percent effective for healthy people to gain approval. That’s the bar being set by the federal government—get the shot, and flip a coin to see if it works if you are healthy, with worse odds for the unhealthy!  Then too vaccination may have to be repeated often. If so, any side effects become even more worrisome.

Vaccination in some communities may not even be necessary. Experts have pointed out that immunity following a wave of infection like we saw earlier this year is distributed more efficiently than with a vaccination campaign. Some models put the threshold for herd immunity against COVID-19 at 43 percent, meaning that the virus cannot hang on in a community after that percentage of residents has been infected and recovered. In places like New York City, that threshold may have already been met. We need to study these questions more thoroughly.

We also need to reconsider blanket liability releases for vaccine makers, including now makers of a COVID vaccine. Liability for vaccine injuries was offloaded onto the American people through a tax on all vaccines sold, funding the Vaccine “Court” system. It is very difficult to meet the requirements of this “court,” but $4 billion has been paid out so far for vaccine injuries.

The refrain in the media is that things can’t go back to normal until there’s a vaccine. The story that’s not being told, and is in fact being aggressively blocked by the federal government, is that natural medicines can help prevent or treat COVID-19. But because these medicines cannot get FDA drug approval, the government prevents us from learning about their benefits. This tips the scales in favor of drugs and vaccines that make billions for drug companies (and the FDA, which gets user fees from Big Pharma), and against inexpensive, safe, and natural compounds like zinc, quercetin, vitamin C, and others that have saved lives during COVID and could save many more. Until we address this unlevel playing field, the healthcare landscape cannot meaningfully change in this country.

We must work to reform this system that not only bars the use, but even the mention, of natural remedies that have not been, and never can be, put through an FDA approval process that  commonly costs billions.

Action Alert! If you haven’t already, sign our petition to protect natural medicine and reform healthcare in this country. Please send your message immediately.

29 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine Will Be Useless for Half of Population?”

  1. Although I agree that the Covid vaccine’s rushed development is worrisome, I disagree with the statement about the general flu vaccine (and other vaccines for that matter). They do not cause autism or SIDS. It has been clearly debunked by scientists around the globe. Herd immunity against Covid is not proven as of yet. I will not subject myself to the virus to see whether it may grand me immunity, which, as of yet, is highly questionable.

  2. Get lost. You antivaxers, antiscience people are a consequence of the dumbing down of America. Get lost.

  3. I would not want to be a parent during this time. If there are more vaccinations, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more children with autoimmune, skin and gut disorders. Many people don’t know how poisonous the ingredients in vaccines are. Moms and Dads whose children have died or have serious health issues as a result of vaccines who have tried speaking out about it are being censored left and right by social media Big Tech companies (Twitter, FB, YT, Instagram and Google), who are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s all about money, power and control. Follow the money.

  4. Interesting article, but as far as pinning the Trump Administration with prohibiting doctors from advocating natural remedies, I don’t agree. He supported the doctors speaking out about hydroxychloroquine and confessed even taking it himself and he has been unfairly attacked for that. The FDA are not his pals.

  5. ANH, I like your advocacy in many areas but I strongly object to the misinformation you spread when it comes to vaccines. You are creating a dangerous situation vis a vis COVID recovery. Please revisit your vaccination policies and move to a more evidence-based strategy. I will not be signing this petition.

  6. I have great health, I don’t need any dubious vaccine which is really just a pretense to scam money from people.

  7. We deserve the right to refuse ! It is our bodies and we suffer any side effects and can not sue! It is wrong and unjust! Accept the facts as they are and let us choose!

  8. I followed the link to the study and found your conclusion to be delusional. This appears to be in total contradiction to the studies results!

  9. I have chemical susceptibilities and have to be very careful what I put in my mouth or onto my skin. I cannot take doctors’ pills because they’re all chlorinated and this sets me off. In the past, I collapsed after having a Salk injection against polio and it knocked me out for a year. Why should people with these kinds of susceptibilities be forced to have a vaccination? You aren’t even told what’s in it. If you go to a doctor for something they just want to give you a drug; they never ask if there’s anything in it you can’t take. I’m not a ‘threat’ to anyone because when the vaccine comes out, those that want it will have it, and, according to the authorities, will be protected. The rest of us will prefer more natural methods: zinc, quercetin, vitamins C and D etc, and it’s not democratic to make us have jabs.

  10. Almost precisely the message I sent NYS Senator Chuck Schumer almost four months ago, and heard absolutely NO RESPONSE from the Senator. I am not afraid of this coronavirus because I have been taking zinc, black seed, turmeric, silver solution, potassium and 10,000 IU of Vitamin D, among other natural supplements, each and every day.

  11. And I’m NOT going to be a guinea pig for any vaccine “they” might come out with.

  12. This is the most ridiculous, and sadly tragic thing about this pandemic. Between those that are refusing to wear masks to those like this site that are anti vax. This is why our country is doing the worst on the planet with deaths and percentage of population that is infected and dying. Did vaccines not eradicate smallpox? Or was that some revisionist history. You people are responsible for misinformation just as this administration with hydroxychloroquine. Thus responsible for people’s deaths.

  13. The FDA has under oath In front of congress stated it is not for the people. And “if you believe it is then you would be sorely mistaken.” They have confessed openly they are for BIG pharm and BIG companies.

    Thus, the cards sore stacked as to why the FDA doesn’t regulate natural medicine that works.

  14. People should have medical freedom and be able to decide what they put in their body. We are, hopefully, not a dictatorship yet.

  15. I was just thinking about this because I came across a youtube video suggesting that refusing to take vaccines should be a crime, is there anything that can be done to prevent that?

  16. I’m in total agreement that a vaccine is not the solution and that we need to focus on boosting the immune system which is much more effective without side effects. Also, I agree strongly that we all should have the right to what’s put in our bodies!

  17. I agree 100% with this article. I have never had a flu shot and as far as I know I have never had the flu. My immune system is strong and I have taken supplement since I was a kid. I’m 68 now. My father is 96 and has never had a flu shot. He has a sister who is 97 and takes no medications. We do not want to muck up our good immune system with vaccines!

  18. The time to ‘pretend’ that big pharma really tests for safety is OVER! The
    individual differences in response to toxic substances and allergens are NOT accounted for…. because individuals altogether are Not accounted for. Have you had a relative DIE due to allergic reaction to an injection that was suppose to stop allergic reactions??? I have! Wait til it’s YOU or yours.

  19. This vaccine is part of the deep state’s
    attempt to practice population control on the public. The vaccine will not protect people, but it’s designed to kill people to lower the population level of the world. It’s all part of the One World Government plan for us in the book Behold a Pale Horse. This has been in planning since 1970.

  20. We have our freedoms and we should be able to make our own decisions about vaccines. It’s our bodies.

  21. As a mother of a toddler & a preschooler, I am feeling disappointed and misled by the mention above of the white paper regarding the decrease in childhood vaccinations has reduced incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). After reading the mentioned paper by Health Choice, I googled to try and get some facts and evidence since I really didn’t feel like the authors of the paper presented their case well. The below is what I found that actually did have good reasoning, solid evidence and facts behind their opinions. I have previously blindly trusted ANH and feel I can no longer do so without looking into the issues myself. Please better vet what you post so your subscribers can have confidence in your content!

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