COVID Vaccine: What We Don’t Know

An FDA committee is meeting next week to review the first COVID vaccine. We must demand that full transparency is given to the American public. Action Alert!

Pfizer has applied for emergency use authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 vaccine, and an FDA advisory committee will meet in an open session on December 10 to review Pfizer’s data; Moderna recently announced that it, too, has filed for an EUA. We’re being told by the manufacturers that both of these vaccines have above 90% efficacy and serious adverse events are low. That’s all well and good, but we cannot rely on the word of vaccine makers that their products are safe. We need the data, and so far, we are not even close to getting it. This is completely unacceptable.

The chart below shows that BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna have fallen pitifully short of demonstrating the full transparency that we and ANH-International have been calling for. Out of ten areas, full transparency has been provided in zero categories. In 6 of 10 categories, none or very little of the data is in the public domain.

Table. Current status of transparency on BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna mrna vaccines
(19th November 2020)

Courtesy of ANH-International

We should not even think about receiving a COVID vaccine, nor should the FDA grant an EUA to a COVID vaccine, until these companies show us their cards and let all of their data be independently analyzed. Only then can we know the true risk/benefit of these vaccines and be able to make informed choices, for ourselves and our families.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee and tell them we need full transparency on any COVID vaccine approval.  Please send your message immediately. By sending this message, you will also be supporting our petition to ungag doctors so that they can share with patients the benefits of supplements and natural treatments for COVID.

17 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine: What We Don’t Know”

  1. thank you so much for doing this. A lot of us have researched medical profiteering for decades and I see a lot of this going on during Covid: it really looks like a Plandemic and Wealth transfer from the world’s working poor to the already Uber Rich. It’s sad.

  2. The warp speed vaccine that the President took is from Regeneron and supposedly NOT a RNA vaccine. That’s the only one I’d willingly take.

  3. But they care about profit, not safety. Otherwise why get a liability protection? The only product on earth that is risky, but one cannot sue the manufacturer.
    They are protected in advance, which is the same as saying that there is danger and they know it and don’t want to pay for injuries or deaths.

  4. The people should be told that EUA is not full FDA approval. That the vaccine remains an investigational drug (ID) . This not only means that you are now a test subject, a biological marker will be placed under your skin at the time of vaccine injection, there is no manufacturer liability for adverse reactions & because it is an ID your health insurance won’t cover any condition that could be attributed to the ID.
    These facts need to be fully explained to vaccine recipients under the the same informed consent rules for the trials, otherwise people will have no idea what they are signing up for, like monitoring of bodily functions via smartphone app for 5 years & you can’t sue if you have an adverse reaction acutely or in the future.

  5. Not all of us are sheeple.. why don’t you educate citizens, show us the data. You are all so desperate to bring a vaccine to market because of your greed that you are sneakily pushing a product that isn’t necessarily safe, you want us sheeple to take your word for everything. Most Americans don’t know the deaths incurred by the crappy pharmaceuticals available to the public. Our leaders are suppose to be leaders, to take care of their constituents, but you are all there to feather your own nests.

  6. No vaccines should be approved without full disclosure of all data on testing
    and independently verified.

  7. we need to have transparency. i want to know all the risk factors that are known right now.
    there is enough mystery regarding long term situations that occur after covid.
    vaccines are great but i don’t think that any other one has moved through the system so rapidly.
    i do not want to be a guina pig especially since i have some health issues that could effect how the vaccine would help or hurt my system

  8. Please form a petition that the coming Covid vaccination card to do anything in society is draconian and unconstitutional…..vaccines may not be “mandatory” but they will make our lives an unendurable hell without them.

  9. I would like a full disclosure/transparency – 100% on the covid Vaccine.
    Also untag the doctors so they can share with patients the benefits of supplements & natural treatments of COVID.

  10. If the data were supportive of safety and efficacy, Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna would have made sure it was publicized, since it would be in their best interests for all to know of this data. The very fact that this data has been kept out of public view should be cause for extreme suspicion. If they do release the data and it seems favorable, why did they take so long to release it? Why has ICAN had to sue them to release it? I would assume that the data they present, if favorable to the vaccine is fudged. What we need is independent review by scientists who are not biased towards the vaccine companies. We may never get this, and if we don’t, not one person should make him or herself into a guinea pig by taking this experimental vaccine

  11. Gates money helped make these vaccines. He is a Euginists and His vaccine is a Nanobot Tracing vaccine. Not about the Flu. China stirs the numbers up and the prelimanary test is false- positive and they sure do use those numbers for Covid cases. Gates has had his vaccines at the ready for just this moment in time. I think that if a vaccine can be made in 2 days we should run away as fast as we can. It is evil and has a kill switch.

  12. I modified one of the statements in your default message to:

    “The expedited development of the vaccine turns us, the patients, into guinea pigs. The manufacturers don’t care–due to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, they don’t have any motivation whatsoever for safety. This is exactly why all of the data from vaccine development must be made available to the public prior to a vaccine’s roll-out, so risk/benefit can be assessed and weighed by each individual. This is standard for every other medical treatment, so vaccines should be no different.”

  13. I don’t live in America, but in my country there is also talk about vaccines without any info on the safety and efficiency of the vaccine. Wecstand in agreement with you. Total transparency is essential.

  14. Full transparency is hereby demanded not only for America …this is for the whole WORLD!
    particularly as vaccine is not part of Creators Order for mankind..His SALVATION IS…THRU YAHUWSHUWAH which translates YAHUWAH SAVES!

  15. In light of the fact that England plans to start vaccinating its populace against COVID-19 this week and that the USA intends to roll out COVID-19 vaccination programs for its populace by the middle of the
    month, serious questions regarding these undertakings come naturally to mind. Why aren’t Governments (including their States) employing as much network media time as they can in order to present to their constituents the full nature of these vaccination proceedings in order that people can have a thorough understanding of issues regarding this unprecedented fast-tracked (nearly to the point of mandated) experimental mass inoculation against COVID-19? (Town Hall type forums could provide a good setting for people to participate in this educational process.) Open examination and discussion of issues by medical and legal experts in favor of and against COVID-19 vaccination at this time could be well served by addressing such questions as: What exactly are these vaccines supposed to accomplish? How have they been tested and for how long? What is the nature of the population that the vaccines have been tested on? How safe are these vaccines Why are manufacturers and administrators of the proposed vaccines indemnified (unlike manufacturers and administrators of any other products) by Governments against civil claims addressing adverse reactions resulting from the taking of these vaccines? Wouldn’t it make more sense for vaccine manufacturers and their administrators to assume full responsibility for liability cases against them stemming from the use of their products if, indeed as they claim, their products are safe to use? Are public and private sectors considering restriction of civil liberties for people who refuse vaccination? If so, what are these restrictions and what are the justifications for them? Open and transparent civil discourse is a bedrock of Democratic societies. In
    order for anyone to achieve the status of justifiable informed consent to the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination, adequate time needs to be taken to examine, discuss, and seriously reflect upon the issues
    involved with these vaccines in order that people can make their own well informed medical decisions with a clear conscience.

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