No Vax, No Flight?

Airlines are considering vaccine mandates for passengers. Action Alert!

“COVID vaccination records, please.” You just may start to hear these words at airports. Quantas Airways, Australia’s largest airline, has said they will likely require passengers to get vaccinated before they can travel. The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, is developing a travel pass that displays users’ COVID test results and vaccination status. These developments are all the more concerning as the FDA comes under pressure to approve a vaccine for which the public has not received full transparency. We’re potentially facing a situation where private airlines require a vaccine whose benefits and risks we are unable to assess—we cannot accept it.

Many airlines may follow Quantas’ lead. South Korea’s largest airline, Korean Air, has sent a similar message about requiring a COVID vaccine for air travel. A few months ago, the CEO of Delta Air Lines said on a call with investors that he would “make whatever changes to the business model that will be necessary,” including adopting so-called immunity passports if required by the U.S. government. It’s not a surprising stance to take: the airline industry has lost $84 billion in 2020.

There is a certain logic to the IATA’s “travel pass.” To re-open their borders, many countries have instituted different testing and quarantine requirements. IATA’s platform includes a global registry of government health requirements for travelers; a registry of testing and vaccination centers; and a contactless travel app that lets users store their test and vaccination certificates, sharing them as required with airlines and government officials. While testing is becoming an increasing part of air travel, vaccination status may supplant testing as the litmus for travel.

There are still unknowns. Will the majority of airlines require a COVID vaccine for air travel once one is approved? Will a negative COVID test be sufficient? Will national government require COVID vaccines for travelers entering their country? IATA’s travel pass also raises safety concerns: a global database of our COVID-related health data accessible by thousands of different entities. What could go wrong?

All of this is in the context of an unprecedented rush toward a COVID vaccine—a vaccine that has been developed in less than a year when the average time for vaccine development has been many times more than that. And vaccines that have been developed over years have safety concerns that are not appreciated by the medical establishment. Consider new research that found unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. Other studies support this conclusion. And we haven’t been given anything near full transparency about COVID vaccines.

Today it’s the air travel industry contemplating vaccine mandates, but what next? Will movie theaters require proof of COVID vaccination? Bars and restaurants? Concert venues?

We should not even think about receiving a COVID vaccine, nor should the FDA grant an Emergency Use Authorization to a COVID vaccine, until these companies have all of their data independently analyzed. Only then can we know the true risk/benefit of these vaccines and be able to make informed choices, for ourselves and our families.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee and tell them we need full transparency on any COVID vaccine approval.  Please send your message immediately. By sending this message, you will also be supporting our petition to ungag doctors so that they can share with patients the benefits of supplements and natural treatments for COVID.

48 thoughts on “No Vax, No Flight?”

  1. Why are they mandating a vaccine for a virus that has a 99% recovery rate! This is abusive and corrupt. I will never get that crappy vaccine.

  2. The ‘take action’ leads to signing a document that has nothing to do with airlines. We must protect the freedom to choose care for one’s body and not sacrifice one’s health to protect those who don’t protect themselves. If people feel unsafe flying, they should not fly. Imposing on health aware people to protect them so they can fly, at the cost of harming the health of those others, should never be an option. Such healthy people will simply not fly. So people who eat junk and compromise their health will fly, while those of us who are health conscious, eat healthy, exercise outdoors etc, will not be able to fly. Absurd.

  3. This is a horrible direction…we need to change this trajectory. Vaccines are NOT the answer, especially this one. Good health practices and nutrition are. Many people will just not fly which will also kill the airline industry. We need to change this and create a world that is about it’s people, not the global control.
    we all need to ban together and take action.

  4. There are NO NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS THAT CURE Covid-19 and telling folks not to get vaccinated and to keep it away from their kids is murderous!

    Smallpox, measles, and polio were permanently removed from populated areas of the world until the anti-vaxxers refused to get the vaccines for their kids and now these deadly diseases are coming back.

    To deny science and support Conspiracy Theories is dangerous and destructive, so stop it. Natural supplements are great as SUPPLEMENTS, not the whole ballgame. People who spread this crap need to study science!

  5. I agree that people should be vaccinated before getting on a plane. It’s already required for certain diseases in some countries. Get over it

  6. Making a vaccine mandatory is setting a dangerous precedent! And why?? There are medications that work extremely well in the treatment of COVID-19; Hydroxychloroquine, Budesinide, and Ivermectin. And this vaccine has been fast-tracked and I don’t believe enough is known about the effects.


    At a minimum this is premature as we really don’t know the full ramifications of vaccine to health!

  8. ……and that’s exactly why they will bankrupt themselves and become subject to government bailout and owned.
    Then when smaller individually competing airlines come to their own senses they will allow individuals who have turned down the vax to fly knowing that PCR tests produce a 90% false positive result.

  9. We need complete transparency on this vaccine. There is still no vaccine for HIV, no cure to cancer, yet a vaccine pushed through the process with so many unknowns is to be widely accepted? This is illogical. Allow doctors on the front lines to speak to this issue and LISTEN to what they are saying.

  10. The Big Question is “why is t the Medical Community” trying to find out Why Some of Us Healthy folks Are Healthy”?! Instead we are “herded” together into One Mindset of being fed Drugs and Vaccines instead of dealing with the fact that some of us Use Natural Healing Methods and Nutrition to remain healthy and allow our Bodies to do their Work.

  11. Many people will not take the vaccines because of the unpublished risks and even deaths that have been associated with them. Not only are there toxicities involved in their development but sufferings that take place from them. It should remain a choice of an individual whether to accept vaccines or not and there should be no ostracizing of the ones who choose not to accept a vaccine. Secrets kill and the pharmaceuticals have kept secrets about what works, don’t work, ingredients, and the dangers that come along with their “medications.”

  12. Do not violate our rights to make the final decision about our own bodies and what goes into them!

  13. Vaccine nationalism is a big issue for us wannabe international travelers:

    Various countries are producing different covid vaccines (incl some with very heavy govt funding) and their own national approval authorities which will prioritize the locally-created vaccines. The local Big Pharma will want a lock on who’s vaccine is approved for use in that market. What if vaccine nationalism gets to the point international travelers must get redundant vaccinations to be allowed entry w/o quarantine? Once an in-country vaccine is available @destination, will countries continue or drop the use of pre arrival negative covid tests to approve entry by people who want/need to delay or avoid redundant vaccination? Is anyone thinking about these possibilities or the health issues associated with different combinations of different global vaccines – what political or business motivation exists to do safety trials of redundant vaccines? How will this get resolved?

    Meanwhile, the IATA and the tourism industry is lobbying for various versions Covid Passports, which & by definition are enabled by acceptance of specific vaccines across borders – which won’t be possible if vaccine nationalism prevails. This is a setup for Big Pharma + vaccine nationalists vs the tourism-related industries – two opposed golden gooses. And which side will our health insurance companies lean to???

    An associated issue: How will all this play out when one vaccine requires 2 shots + you get a week’s side effects + is difficult & $$$ to set up distribution infrastructure for + costs from $20/dose (& up w/no public control over Big Pharma pricing), and there’s another foreign-designed or made vaccine (of similar efficacy) that’s $3/dose & much simpler to roll out??? Case in point: the Pfizer proprietary & heavily US-subsidized vaccine vs the low dose-cost Russian vaccine tech that’ll be relatively freely available globally & can be done w/existing infrastructure.

    There’s risks afoot: If long term side effects show up or a particular vaccine is unsafe/untested/not effective for any significant segment of the population, all the above becomes even more complicated.

  14. Our constitution guaranees us freedom to travel, freedom of speach, fredom to congregate, freedom from medical treatment against concent and so on.
    If airline companies requires a vaccination to fly, just sue them for unconstitutional extorstion

  15. Total nonsense. Having a vaccination does not prove you will remain free any sickness. Many people still get sick after having a vaccination. In any given year over the last decade, according to CDC stats, flu vaccines were less than 50% effective. There is no proof or reason to believe that these new RNA altering vaccines will be any better after such limited testing.

  16. This is tyranny for the new world order madness. Vaccine roulette! This insanity must end. You can’t have a mercury thermometer, but you can have mercury injected into your body. How can injecting mercury, aluminum, msg, formaldehyde fetal cells and who knows what else support the health of the living human body? If you injected your child with any of these things you’d be arrested. No vaccine Tyranny, especially for the new world order depopulation agenda.

  17. Will the airlines compensate us if the vaccine they require us to take to fly on their airline harms us or our families? What if it results in death, then what. I personally will not fly any airline that requires me to put anything in my body that I have decided I don’t want in my body!! Sorry. This will put the final nail in the coffin for the airlines as if this fake virus hasn’t already. But might that be the carbon neutral plan anyway?

  18. I think it’s a great decision by the airlines. Are u for real with this complaints? It is because of people like u we are not getting it together. I bet you also are anti masks. What kind of studies say that non vaccinated kids are healthier? I have two and they have been very healthy since little. It is because of antivaxers that we have back diseases that were eradicated.

  19. I don’t understand why this article doesn’t point out that as of now, it is completely unknown whether the vaccines halt transmission so any consideration on mandating them is premature. I think the general population thinks 90% effective means it stops transmission 9 out of 10 times and this really needs to be corrected with more force:

  20. They can keep their dangerous mRNA, hydrogel, Luciferase, aborted human fetal tissue containing vaccines. I will never take this vaccine or any other vaccine as none of them are safe and most are ineffective. This whole Plandemic/Scamdemic has been designed to scare us into taking these useless, dangerous, DNA altering vaccines. Bye, bye Airlines. You All Take Care.

    1. You are absolutely ? right on.
      Couldn’t have said it better myself!!
      KUDOS to another “Unsheeple” ???

  21. I will not be forced to take a vaccine I do not believe in. I will not be bullied into doing this I have my rights my freedoms and you will have no say so on how I take care of my health

  22. Well, as long as the vaccine is available for all and the airlines accept a recent test result for the ones who do not plan on taking the vaccine for any reason, it is a fair game. However, these airlines will have to make sure all is in place before enforcing such measures.

  23. I never understand why those that have chosen to be vaccinated always insist that everyone else get vaccinated as well. They act like they are being endangered by the folks that don’t buy the lies the pharamceutical companies tell. If you believe that vaccines, any vaccines, work, and you got them, then you are safe. Right? So, do the vaccinated truly doubt that vaccines work? Or can they just not cope with someone disagreeing with them? Someone who wishes to avoid the risks imposed by vaccines? If I choose to go unvaccinated then I am choosing perhaps to risk the illness. A risk that is known, whose symptoms are known. If I choose to get vaccinated then I am choosing the unknown. I am choosing to risk a lengthy list of side-effects, and many others that the pharmaceutcial companies, pretend don’t exist, maybe death, maybe Guillain-Barré, maybe something else horrible. Personally, I wish I felt that vaccinations were safe. But I do not. Whom should I listen to, the pharmaceutical companies with their sterling reputation for honesty, altruism, and transparency? Maybe I should trust the FDA, CDC, NIH, AMA, ADA (both), or perhaps my State Board of Health, or the colleges and universities, or the politicians and bureaucrats, all of whom accept gifts and grants, campaign contributions, promises of well-paying jobs, etc., etc., etc. to push the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry. I actually feel a lot safer choosing the risks associated with the disease than I do the multitude of known and unknown risks posed by vaccines.

  24. I do NOT DO VACCINES, EVER!!!!
    This covid scam is LAUGHABLE!!!
    All it is, is THE FLU.
    IT is ALL about POWER & CONTROL of the masses.
    People need to watch “1984” by George Orwell, or read the book. This is what is happening right now, including ALL our rights taken away.
    SOOOOOO much Corruption!!

  25. If everyone had an vaccine but me. Why would they be worried to get sick? They are all safe, right? This just makes no sense, unless the vaccine is not working! I personally want no vaccine all the junk they put in there not knowing what it does long term. When I was a kid there was one doctor and one hospital. And people where just fine, now since we have so many vaccines things really changed. Many different doctors, many hospitals, many new diseases and plenty new patients as well as cash flow.

  26. Airlines have lost billions since this farce began. So many people don’t want this experimental vaX. Can they afford to refuse paying customers?

  27. Christopher – Don’t forget the tumor cells used to make many versions of the COVID vaccine. And other vaccines: (references and links to the sources included)
    Childrens Health Defense

    SAFE, and PROVEN EFFECTIVE to significantly reduce the danger of DEATH – that is what we ask for in any vaccine.

  28. UN elites and Rockefeller plan for over a decade. 10 year old virus narrative, Chip you, digital ID quantum dot vax technologyUS patent US9443061B2 . They then have total control. Social reward crypto currency which can be suspended or shut off if you disagree or badmouth govt. Population reduction [that’s you] No need to offer human rights anymore. Shut up and do as you are instructed. Question-Only problem? Answer: America is the bloodline of those same farmers who with pitchforks with and all odds against them stood up and fought to the death and defeated Monarchy and tyranny.
    WILL NOT be vaccinated.
    WILL NOT live in fear.
    Will NOT lose sleep over Airlines going out of business.
    WILL NOT lay down.
    The Gates criminal syndicate is next at the gallows

  29. No to cloned cells of an aborted baby from 1972, not that I buy that. I would rbloodstrea. No to the fact vaccines will not be one off’s but continued on like every 3 months of a year indefintley and they will not be free, not that I want them anyway, some do up to them. They will cost more and more as soon as demand to not be able to work or go out with out one becomes law. That is coming, don’t be fooled.

  30. Airlines will suffer but the new administration will bail out the airlines, and various states (NY, NJ, Chicago, Oregon) while destroying the economy, not promoting supporting your immune system, and destroy restaurants. The government is not going to be able to support all the unemployed folks, yet we will allow more than 10+million illegals to become a citizen through fast tract (lower-level jobs, of which we have little), crime will increase, when you can’t pay for food or rent, whatcha going to do…..I don’t want or trust vacancies, so my flying days are over.

  31. More people need to watch the YouTube video on Human 2.0 and Mod-e-RNA’s vaccine. What just happened to our Country in a blink of an eye? We need to raise up an army of prayer warriors. Who knew the mark of the Beast was going to be in the form of a vaccine? Lord help us!

  32. I have mast cell disease…. Severe allergies to food, drugs, environment, etc… Anaphylaxis…
    I CAN’T get the vaccine of I wanted it even.
    Are you going to also try to stop me from seeing my husband overseas and entirely destroy my life?
    Disgusting situation.

    The vaccine only prevents you from knowing you’re sick, so you go out and spread it to others.
    This vaccine doesn’t stop it from being contagious…

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