The Aluminum Autism Link

Action Alert! The peer-reviewed study demonstrates that aluminum doses in vaccines are based on efficacy—that is, spurring the body’s immune response—rather than safety. This means, according to the researchers, that on their first day of life, infants receive 17 times more aluminum than would be allowed if aluminum doses in vaccines were set according to a baby’s body weight. The researchers also contend that errors were made in establishing “safe” levels of aluminum exposure in humans, leading to dangerous levels of aluminum being injected into young children. Another recent study found that autistic children have up to ten times more aluminum in their brains that what is considered safe in adults. ANH-USA has been raising the alarm about aluminum in vaccines for a number of years. As the researchers note, safety testing proving aluminum adjuvants to be safe when injected into children has never been conducted. Established safety levels for aluminum exposure that are often referenced are based on ingested aluminum, of which only about 0.25% is absorbed, rather than injected aluminum, where almost all of it is absorbed over time—accumulating in various organs, including the brain. Animal studies have also demonstrated a link between repeated inoculation with aluminum-containing vaccines and severe neurobehavioral outcomes (restlessness, muscle tremors, loss of response to stimuli), the presence of aluminum in central nervous system tissue, and altered expression of certain genes in the brain. Given the mounting research showing both the dangers of aluminum exposure and concerns about the safety of injecting young children with multiple aluminum-laden vaccines, it is imperative that parents are afforded the right to choose which vaccines are appropriate for their children. It’s also time for the FDA and the CDC to stop relying on mere belief that aluminum adjuvants are safe, and to conduct rigorous safety testing on these vaccines. Action Alert! Write to the FDA, CDC, and Congress telling them of this new study and urging more study of aluminum adjuvants. Please send your message immediately.  ]]>

13 thoughts on “The Aluminum Autism Link”

  1. Who did the research? Show me the statistical data. What kind of study was done? What kind of measure was implemented?

    1. I think there are multiple studies showing aluminum to be toxic especially through injection.

    2. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia – PubMed avails access to these research studies, let your fingertips do the walking. Besides, aluminum is not a trace element found in the human body and, as a metal, can therefore serve no benefit. Simple common sense.

  2. dear Mrs. Summers, the effect of the aluminium is well know for long time — from my childhood, and now I am 77, in the rest of the world, and who did the study is not important the only what is important is profit

  3. It bugs me that for some 75 yrs mercury, aluminum etc is still allowed in any medications, fillings etc. We have known for 75 yrs++ their danger and yet FDA still allows this crap when it is not for anything good for anyone, just good for drug companies.
    That is why more folks are scared to death to give any vaccine, shot to their babies, kid and teens.
    FDA has been in bed with big RX since day one and it is disgusting.

  4. Mix that Aluminum in with the Nagalase also in the Vaccines we then have a recipe for Cancer on top of any other Autoimmune conditions & Autism etc.

  5. It’s disturbs me that you continue to report on vaccines causing autism.
    This has been debunked by reputable scientific/medical journals.
    The researcher who reported his studies showing a vaccine connection has lost his medical credentials & the report taken out of the medical journals it was reported in. Due to several other studies folliwing the same protocols debunked the original findings over & over.

    I am also troubled that your post has no unsubscribe link in it.

  6. Aluminum is also a main ingredient in those chemtrails that they’re spraying on us everywhere. Look up at the sky every day and you’ll probably start noticing them frequently, no matter where you live, unless you’re lucky.

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