Will COVID Vaccines Increase Risk of AIDS Virus?

New cause for concern underlines the importance of full transparency on COVID vaccine data, which we are not getting. Action Alert!

We at ANH-USA, along with our friends at ANH-International, have been calling for full transparency on the development of COVID-19 vaccines. It’s becoming clear that this will only be achieved if the public fights for it, as vaccine manufacturers have not done so willingly. With experts warning of the potential of COVID vaccines to make us more susceptible to the AIDS virus, transparency is more important than ever. We must continue to demand full transparency so the public can make an informed decision about risks and benefits to any approved vaccine. 

The public, having committed billions of dollars to vaccine manufacturers, deserves to see everything that is going on. Only then can informed decisions be made about the safety of any approved COVID-19 vaccine. Experts are already sounding the alarm, with some warning that COVID-19 vaccines could leave patients more susceptible to the HIV virus, which of course can lead to AIDS; this is what happened in a previous HIV vaccine candidate when a certain adenovirus was used to deliver proteins of the HIV virus, and the same adenovirus is now being used in some COVID-19 vaccines in development. Given that vaccines approved under “normal” circumstances can still be dangerous, we need to be vigilant with a vaccine that will be approved on a drastically shortened timetable. If you have any doubts about the dangers of fast-tracked vaccines, please take a look at our coverage of the HPV vaccine.

Note too that the flu shot may increase our vulnerability to COVID-19. A Department of Defense study in 2018 found that individuals vaccinated against the flu were 36 percent more likely to test positive for a coronavirus than unvaccinated individuals. There are other studies that also suggest flu vaccination increases the risk of non-flu viral infections and respiratory illness. Keep in mind that this is exactly what COVID is: a non-flu respiratory illness.

To date, we are not getting full transparency. In September, we learned that AstraZeneca’s clinical trial had been halted over safety concerns after a person who was given the vaccine experienced neurological problems. But the only reason we learned this news was the information was leaked from a private investor call. The trial was eventually cleared to begin again, but the company didn’t provide any details about the patient’s medical condition, nor did they release a transcript of the private call with investors. AstraZeneca had received $1 billion from the government’s Operation Warp Speed initiative to fund vaccine research and development. 

After this episode, and after months of public calls, including from ANH members, demanding full transparency, Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, and AstraZeneca finally released their clinical trial protocols. The transparency manifesto from ANH-International we are supporting calls for much more, including full disclosure of raw data from clinical trials, full disclosure of vaccine composition in commercial formulations, conduct of studies to evaluate the safety of adjuvants, and much more.

The refrain in the media is that things can’t go back to normal until there’s a vaccine. The story that’s not being told, and is in fact being aggressively blocked by the federal government, is that natural medicines can help prevent or treat COVID-19. Until we address this unlevel playing field, the healthcare landscape cannot meaningfully change in this country.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them we need full transparency on any COVID vaccine approval.  Please send your message immediately. By sending this message, you will also be supporting our petition to ungag doctors so that they can share with patients the benefits of supplements and natural treatments for COVID.

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14 thoughts on “Will COVID Vaccines Increase Risk of AIDS Virus?”

  1. I do not take any vaccines, including the yearly flu vaccine. I do not believe in vaccines for children or adults. So, no I will not be getting a corona virus vaccination, not now, now ever. I am not afraid of this way overstated, over hyped china virus with a death rate of .026% . I call this virus the democratic virus.

  2. Really AIDS virus! If you’re going to use inaccurate medical terms how can you be considered reputable.

  3. I will NEVER take any vaccine. There is no way to be sure that they haven’t done something improper with these vaccines, especially when all of the pharmaceutical companies are partners with the Gates Foundation, the W.H.O., and our government fraudsters!

    An ounce of prevention is worth a TON of cure!

  4. Why is my state never listed on these alerts? Why can’t I complain too? I’m fact, these vaccines affect us all, so my voice should also be heard!

    1. Hi Christine,

      Our state vaccine alerts pertain to current pending legislation. We will cover any proposed bill that involves vaccine requirements or exemptions. If your state isn’t listed it means that it has no such pending legislation.

  5. You wish to create an exemption for religious objection. This is absurd. No major religion asserts such an objection; if it did, then the objection shouldn’t be honored. We need to keep our population safe, especially the children, who mix with children of many origins, places, beliefs, and practices. An exemption on religious grounds would create chaos and an environment in which no one could establish control of public health. This is several huge steps backward, not forward! Please rethink your position on this. I can’t possibly sign such a petition.

  6. I will not be a guinea pig. I believe in alternative therapy. I believe the American people have been threatened with fear. This is about the Fake Media and the election to take Trump out because he is exposing the swamp. It is also about putting more money in big Pharm ‘s pocket.
    The death results of covid 19 shows that more people die from the flu. All of the new covid tests are not proving valid, Just as the flu vaccine has not proved to help, this would be a replica because every year there are new strains.

  7. It would be nice to be able to share this on Facebook to get this out there for a to see!

    1. Hi Synthia,

      Thank you for your support! If you would like to share our articles on Facebook please copy and paste the URL in a new Facebook post and click Share.

  8. IN April 2020 the National Federation of Health sent me a newsletter with an article stating “There is already a NATURAL cure for Covid-19”. Then a month later another article stated “it is all about cronyism”.

  9. There is NO scientific or medical proof this is “Covid-19.” The PCR test developed by Kary Mullis was not designed to test for “Covid”. One can find anything when this test is used. There’s plenty of facts to research.

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