More Vaccine Mandates for Kids?

State-based Action Alerts! A new year brings a flurry of legislative activity. Many states will be considering bills that limit vaccine choice, whether by eliminating or restricting exemptions or mandating vaccines for children or certain workers. Patients deserve a right to decide which medical treatments to receive, especially when there are safety concerns. There is plenty of scientific data that throws the safety of vaccine ingredients into serious question. Take aluminum, for example—a common vaccine ingredient:

  • Aluminum is a well-documented neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, asthma, hyperactivity, and Down’s Syndrome.
  • The FDA has set a limit on the amount of aluminum that can be in vaccines, but this number was based on the amount of aluminum required to enhance the effectiveness of the vaccine. The agency has not empirically determined the safest amount of intramuscularly injected aluminum, relying instead on the hope that current levels are safe. Note the word “injected.” It is one thing for the body to handle aluminum in our food, because our liver protects us. But it can’t protect us when we are injected with poison.
  • New studies provide stunning information about what happens to aluminum after it’s injected into muscle. In some mice, it travels to the brain, where it can still be detected a year later. It also travels to the spleen and lymph nodes, where it can still be detected 270 days after vaccination.
In addition to concerns about ingredients—including the mercury that is used as a preservative in flu shots, even for children—the national vaccine schedule has never been rigorously evaluated for safety. This was the determination not of some “anti-vaxxer” group, but of the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), which advises the government on issues relating to medicine and health. In a 2013 report, the Academy concluded, “Key elements of the schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies.” Click on your state’s link below to see what bills are pending and take action!   FL HI IA IL KS ME MN MO MS NH NJ NY OK PA RI VA WV]]>

34 thoughts on “More Vaccine Mandates for Kids?”

  1. Vaccines should be mandatory, however – as long as your doctor approves it. Because, in some cases, a person’s immune system does not allow any vaccinations. The more reason for the rest of us to get vaccinated, to protect those of us, who can’t protect themselves.

    1. doctors who admit to not even reading inserts and who’s bonuses depend on vaccine compliance!

  2. In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that vaccinations are “unavoidably unsafe”. No medical intervention that is “unavoidably unsafe” should be mandatory. No medical procedure that does not have the “informed consent” of the patient should ever, be thrust on anyone. Vaccinations are “unavoidably unsafe” which as a parent my first duty is above all else, “first do no harm” and to thoroughly understand the toxic ingredients in vaccinations as part of the “informed consent” process before agreeing to this invasive medical procedure. Doctors may have thrown “first do no harm” under the bus, parents cannot afford to. Educate before you vaccinate.

    1. WHAT are you talking about. WHERE is the cite from the Supreme Court? I have looked for it, but can not find it!

        and this

        Vaccines are a type of ‘unavoidably unsafe’ product; that is, a vaccine is a product that is incapable of being made safe for its intended and ordinary use. The Court in Bruesewitz notes that NCVIA expressly eliminates liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects:

        No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” 42 U.S.C.A. § 300aa-22(1).

        1. What you are saying is NOT in line with the Supreme court verdict. What you are missing is that the benefit to society is so great, unproven and non fact based allegations against the manufacturers will not be allowed. The manufactorers are making the vaccines to keep the public safe, making very little money for things like the flu shot! The CDC is all over the manufactors on this, for example.There are systems in place to pick up if vaccines are harming people. They have in the VAST number of cases proven to be VERY SAFE!! So, not using vaccines , when we know that it would bring back large scale germs that would kill large numbers of people makes no sense!! I do not want the bubonic plague, whooping cough, diptheria, mumps, measles, chicken pox to come back to the levels where they were!! MILLIONS of people have already died from these over the years. We have to have some common sense here.

          1. Hmm… I wonder how old some of the commentors are on this thread. If you are over age 30, then you likely have zero vaccine confered protection from any disease, except may a couple of strains of influenza (out of 200 named). The longest length of efficacy of any vaccine is 10 years, with most not being more than 4 years. Hmmm… when’s the last time you were vaccinated for any of the illnesses mentioned above? Not in the last 5-10 years? Congratulations! That means you (and most Americans) have zero vaccine protection to much of anything, anymore. So where are all those deadly cases of measles and mumps sweeoing across America wiping out wide swaths of the population. Vaccine created herd immunity is a myth. Just follow the money trail (and read your history). Vaccines have had little impact on communicable disease rates in developed countries, and that includes the dreaded POLIO.

          2. I thought if you had the diseases as a child, you were meant to get “lifelong” protection!
            Now you say that ain’t so…?

          3. Takes most people a few minutes on Google to find that vaccine created herd immunity has been measured around the world countless times over decades….
            Also only takes 5th grade math to see the huge impact of vaccines in developed countries….
            Oh…and there are these folks called immunologists…they can explain to you exactly how know that many of the vaccine induced immunities last for many decades/entire lifetimes…
            Of course then you couldn’t pretend that the anti-vaccs aren’t a fraud!

          4. The longest length of efficacy of any vaccine is 10 years, with most not being more than 4 years. Hmmm…

            Wrong-o, Terri!
            Lookit this:

            Duration of measles vaccine 30 years. That’s in the lab. In clinical practice, we know that most people get lifetime immunity. We know that because adults seldom get measles. We have practically no CRS in this country, meaning that the rubella portion of the MMR lasts through the childbearing years.

            Who’s getting polio these days? Even many AVs “approve” of polio vaccine.

            BTW, do you live in Denver?

          5. Do you really think lifetime immunity can be acieved by bypassing the TH1? Are people really being screened for contraindications prior to vaccination? Does the presence of antibodies guarantee immunity? If a vaccine has an efficacy of 30 years, why the need for boosters? And why wouldn’t the CDC be broadcasting a 30 year efficacy rate? Claims are 10 years efficacy for the HPV vaxx. Titer testing shows waning antibody production after only 2 years and virtually no antibody production after 4 years? And lab testing on what? Human blood samples? And what about the new strains of measles and new strain of pertussis that have emerged (mutations of the attenuated strain used in the vaccines) in response to widespread vaccination? Better the devil you do know than the one you don’t? Risky throw of the die would you think? And vaccination with live antigens that shed when subjects are minimally symptomatic and thus don’t quarantine themselves at home for at least 2 weeks post vaccination is a public health risk is it not? Colorado? No.

          6. Ha, ha! Do you really know what TH1 means? Another example of anti-vaxers using big, scientific-sounding words to try to make themselves look smart. Here is what the CDC says about measles vaccine: “CDC considers people who received two doses of measles vaccine as
            children according to the U.S. vaccination schedule protected for life,
            and they do not ever need a booster dose.”
            The second dose of measles vaccine is technically not a booster. Its purpose is to vaccinate those who did not respond to the same shot. (Op cit)

            I have never seen any evidence that HPV antibody levels wane, at any point after vaccination. Perhaps you have a citation for this.

            Here is a link that discusses your myth about measles vaccine and different strains:

            The pertussis vaccine is not a live vaccine. Here is an article about the “new” pertussis infection:

            There has never been a case of measles, mumps or rubella transmitted by vaccine “shedding”. Measles and mumps don’t shed at all, rubella sheds in breast milk, but has never been known to cause a case of disease. Varicella shedding occurs rarely, and transmission occurs only in people who have direct contact with the exudate in the pustules that some few people get from the vaccine.

            Lots of cutesy little saying there (roll of dice, better the devil you know), little substance.

          7. Where did you go? Are you ashamed by how easy it was for the anti-vaccs to play you for a fool????

        2. If topic interests you should get help understanding the law from an attorney because you are a bit confused.
          Page 3 of the SCOTUS ruling explains how all US families can sue in civil court for alleged injuries from vaccines.

          1. Here is an article about “unavoidably unsafe”. I’m posting to you instead of cia or sabel as they are too biased to understand the concept.
            “An unavoidably unsafe product isn’t necessarily by its nature dangerous.
            Rather, it’s a product that is incapable of being made safe for its
            intended and ordinary use. Courts generally look at 4 criteria to
            determine if a product is unavoidably unsafe: how the product was
            prepared, how it was marketed, the utility of the product compared to
            its risk, and whether there are any alternatives available. . .

            The most widely recognized category of unavoidably unsafe products is prescription drugs. Some courts hold that all medications automatically qualify as unavoidably unsafe on the theory that public policy favors the development of beneficial drugs even if their introduction poses some risk. Other courts weigh the usefulness of the drug against its risk of harm in the same way they would for any other product.

            Some courts also find medical devices, vaccines,and blood products are unavoidable unsafe. When deciding whether these products are unavoidably unsafe the court may look at the type and quality of research done on the drug or device. Courts also look at how
            necessary to human life and public health the product is and whether the FDA looked at it to determine its risk vs utility.

            Other products that have generally qualified as unavoidably unsafe include guns, cleaning compounds like commercial dry-cleaning solvent, industrial-strength bathroom cleaners, and acetone, as well as benzene and cosmetics like hair perms, bleach, and dye. Conversely, natural gas stoves, cars, folding chairs, and fire extinguishers haven’t been found to be unavoidably unsafe.”

          2. Thanks,

            The irony is that those that need the facts are exactly those that will refuse to read the words!


          3. So the question then becomes which is more dangerous? The unavoidably unsafe product or the disease for which it claims to protect one from. Since the risk of product use varies widely, including death and permanent debillitation, the product should not be mandated for use.

          4. Oh, what a “gotcha”, not!

            In ALL cases, the diseases are more dangerous than the vaccines that prevent them, as long as the recipients are properly screened for contraindications, which are few for all vaccines.

            Do you feel the same way about seat belts? They can cause injury in some cases (unavoidably unsafe) yet they are mandated. Ditto for infant car seats, and many other products.

          5. Helps if you bother to read the definition of “unavoidably unsafe”.
            Oh….and there are many 1000s of statisticians that can walk you through decades of data that show vaccines are orders of magnitude safer than the diseases…if you care…

        3. “Properly prepared” does not mean properly tested. Vaccines are not tested according to any standard or accepted research protocols. The reason the supreme court ruled to give vaccine manufactures freedom from legal liability is because the cases were mounting and the plaintiffs were winning large settlements. Vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop manufacturing if they were to be held liable for the safety of their products. In response to those threats, the US government legislated away their liability. That should be of great concern to everyone. Exactly what incentive do vaccine manufacturers have to make their products either safe or effective when the government mandates the use of their products and removes liability for making them safe.

          1. Nope.
            Vaccines are extensively tested.
            This includes immunogenicity, efficacy and safety testing.

          2. Actually using only our basic reading skills we can all see that all US families can sue vaccine manufacturers.

            And to be very, very clear the vaccines cause autism fraud has been clearly detailed in US Civil courts:
            Naturally none of the anti-vaccs are honest about these facts!
            And as demonstrated by other posters,, vaccines are exactly tested according to the standard/accepted protocols….but since the anti-vaccs are a fraud once again they simply are not truthful…
            If your intention here was to demonstrate that no one with a 5th grade education could honestly believe the anti-vaccs…then you have been 100% successful!

    2. Everything I have found is the EXACT opposet of what you said.The Supreme Court UPHELD vaccines for children!!

    3. The Supreme Court did say that they were unavoidably unsafe, but, as the commenters below have said, it thought that vaccines were so wonderful that everyone would want them anyway. It really knew nothing about the situation, the justices were all old, their children long grown, completely out of the loop. Vaccines are extremely dangerous and ARE the cause of nearly all cases of autism, as well as of all kinds of autoimmune disease and seizure disorders. This is a decision which must be left up to well-informed parents, and free and informed consent is a human right, guaranteed by the Nuremberg Conventions and the Helsinki Declaration. And it means that refusal of any or all vaccines is also a human right.

      1. Now Cia….you failed once again to provide the court’s legal definition of what unavoidably unsafe means….

        “. Such a product, properly prepared, and accompanied by proper directions and warning, is not defective, nor is it unreasonably dangerous.”
        Anyone paying attention can see how dishonest your comments are…as usual.

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