Gardasil Vaccine Even More Dangerous than Previously Thought

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Recently, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) raised concerns that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine could be linked to increased occurrences of premature ovarian failure, also known as premature menopause. In a press release, ACP focused on two case reports in which adolescent girls developed premature ovarian failure “within weeks to several years of receiving Gardasil.”

The ACP outlines four reasons to be concerned about this connection:

  • Long-term ovarian function was not part of the safety studies or vaccine trials.
  • Since many physicians are unaware of this possible connection, incidences of premature menopause are likely underreported to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).
  • Concerns have already been raised regarding adjuvants like aluminum, which has been linked to autoimmune problems, and polysorbate 80, which has been linked with ovarian toxicity in rat studies.
  • Since 2013, there have been 213 VAERS reports involving premature ovarian failure, almost all of them associated with Gardasil. Between 1990 and 2006—what ACP calls the “pre-HPV vaccine period”—there were not a single case of premature ovarian failure reported to VAERS.

This is only the latest cause for concern regarding the safety of the HPV vaccine. We reported a few weeks ago that members of a global vaccine committee could be guilty of a massive cover-up regarding the presence of DNA fragments in the HPV vaccine, which could be causing adverse events. And let’s not forget the former Merck doctor who said that Gardasil “will become the greatest medical scandal of all time,” that it “serves no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturer,” and, like some other vaccines, that it can cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS, and vaccine-induced encephalitis.

What is especially infuriating, as the evidence piles up, is that the medical establishment and the mainstream media will not carefully examine the facts, but instead—as has been done in the past—are dismissing these well-founded concerns as nothing more than irrational fears of the “anti-vaxxers” whom they so readily disparage. Reasonable questions about vaccine safety are ignored, and untold numbers of children will pay the price.

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16 thoughts on “Gardasil Vaccine Even More Dangerous than Previously Thought”

  1. My sister-in-law and two other girls who got the HPV vaccination died in Michigan a few years ago. You won’t find that in the news, or online. I only know because my sister-in-law’s mother is a nurse and her colleagues in the area told her about the other cases. All three girls got the HPV vaccination at the same health clinic around the same time. They lived in 3 different cities so they had no other contact with each other. But all had the same symptoms–they developed flu-like symptoms, then seizures, then medically induced coma, then organs shut down/brain dead. They pulled the plug on mother’s day for my brother’s love of his life.

    1. Name the names. Their ACTUAL names so that we can confirm that you are not just feeding us a load of tripe here.
      I seriously doubt that your sister-in-law died from the Gardasil vaccine. I have not been able to find ANY deaths linked to the Gardasil vaccination at all.
      It is much more likely that your sister-in-law and those other two girls had the unfortunate circumstance to be exposed to meningitis or something else soon after being vaccinated and that is what lead to their coma and their organs shutting down.

    1. So you have to weigh the odds of HPV killing you versus the vaccination for HPV killing you

      1. No, you do not. There have been NO cases of the Gardasil vaccination killing anyone. There have been cases of medical problems NEAR the time of Gardasil vaccination but after the proper investigation was done? They found out that those people were infected with another bacteria or virus that was the cause of their problems, NOT the vaccine.

        Vaccinations do cause problems in genetically abnormal children, it has been documented too much to say otherwise. However in genetically normal or genetically abnormal adults absent them having a systemic disease like HIV, vaccinations unless they are tainted in some way (the listeria in vaccines from a few years ago) are safe.

  2. This vaccine has never been proven to prevent a single case of cancer and it will be decades before we find out. Cases of cervical cancer in developed countries using Pap screening are 9/100,000. Deaths have come down from 8 to just 2/100,000 over the last 40 years with no vaccine and current uptake of screening of just 80%. Screening is still necessary even after vaccination. There are over 100 strains of HPV and some scientists expect other strains to replace those that are targeted by the vaccine.

    In the meantime thousands of girls are being seriously disabled and their lives ruined by the adverse reactions. In the UK 20,503 adverse reactions have been reported by Yellow Card, including 5 with fatal outcome (data obtained by FOIA request to MHRA). Even the manufacturers admit huge numbers of serious adverse reactions during the clinical trials.

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      Hi, I’m SteveCA7, and I’m a spamaholic (goo[.]gl/3S3dOH).

  3. The European Medicines Agency stated ‘reviews of the reports did not show a consistent pattern regarding time-to-onset following vaccination, they appear to have totally ignored the evidence provided by the UK Association of HPV Injured Daughters (AHVID) which reported that a questionnaire completed by 94 member families indicated that:

    • 27 girls (31% ) had adverse reactions on the same day as the vaccination, many of them suffrering immediately, within minutes.

    • 12 girls (14%) had adverse reactions after just 1 dose

    • 19 girls (22%) had adverse reactions after just 2 doses (some of these had reactions also to the 1st dose

    • 14 girls had adverse reactions after the 3rd dose (and some of these had earlier reactions)

    • At least 4 girls (4%) had adverse reactions after each of 3 doses. Health professionals had indicated that the vaccine is safe and the adverse reactions suffered were not recognised as side effects of the vaccine. Initial symptoms were often ‘generally unwell, flu-like, tired, aches and pains’. With each dose the severity increased and day-by-day the severity increased. With some it was eventually several weeks before these symptoms developed into collapse with total fatigue and sleeping up to 23 hours each day.

  4. Our daughter was disabled by Gardasil (after the second dose), in 2007. The judge ruled in her favor siting Residules of Gardasil as cause for her disability. Seizures, stroking migraines, Gastroparesis, GBS, blurred vision, light sensitivity, loss if sensation in her legs/feet/fingers, and autonomic disorders. She really hadn’t wanted this vaccine as it was too new/unproven at the time, but the doctor frightened her into it after she refused three times.

    1. Your daughter ,family must be commended for having the courage to stand in a court of law, while suffering physical impairments, testifying against these harmful allowances of suffering, on behalf of humanity against these RX atrocities, political/medicine regulations ( all of them) and media patented betrayals. Thank you and may healing recoveries be graced upon your daughter’s health.

      1. Thank you, Autumn – that day was the most horrific yet startling day in my daughter’s life. She didn’t know she had won as the judge answered in legal jargon, which was lost on her due to terrible brain fog, pain and anxiety. When we pushed her wheelchair out of chambers she burst into tears when she was congratulated on her win. She was stunned with disbelief which quickly turned to overwhelming relief (she had been dismissed by many doctors as having conversion disorder, but one doctor had stood firm on his diagnosis.) The judge saw this evidence in my daughter’s condition. Her award was small compared to the price her body has paid, but the validation of her injury was enough for all of us!
        Have a blessed day!

    2. Name your daughters name and post links to the lawsuit in question. I am calling you out, you are most likely posting tripe and lies about Gardasil on here.

      Yes, vaccines can cause problems in genetically abnormal CHILDREN (Hannah Pollock is a good demonstration of that). However in genetically abnormal adults whose immune systems have had the time to strengthen over years, unless they have HIV or something similar, it is very unlikely that a vaccine with cause harm to them.
      In fact, most times when someone thinks that a ‘vaccine lead to their current illness’ it turns out that when they are tested they were exposed to something else at or near the time of their vaccination, so they got sick at about the time the vaccination symptoms (low fever, muscle aches) kicked in.

  5. GSK (and other manufacturers) occasionally get it wrong:

    Pluserix vaccine containing the Urabe mumps strain had been banned in Canada under the name Trivirix in 1988. Suddenly that same year with the new name Pluserix it was introduced into the UK by the JCVI. Four years later however, in 1992 it was banned in the UK after it was revealed that children developed many life threatening adverse reactions after receiving this vaccine, including meningitis and encephalitis.
    Infanrix Hexa. In 2014 a court in Milan agreed that this vaccine had caused autism. It had obtained a GSK ‘Strictly Confidential to Regulatory Authorities’ document of 1271 pages which established that 5 cases of autism were reported during the clinical trials but not submitted on the marketing request. It also identified 22 deaths, 21 eating disorders, 47 sleep disorders, 169 loss of consciousness and 22 encephalitis, etc, etc.
    Pandemrix flu vaccine. The DH and MHRA denied that this vaccine caused increased rates of narcolepsy amongst adolescents until the Scandinavian governments accepted that there was a 14 times increased chance of narcolepsy. The UK government now accept this and it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 20.

  6. Ovarian failure? Deaths? BULLPLOP! Name the names of these people or you are trying to foist on us nonsense.
    I am leery of vaccines but the HPV vaccine from what I have read is totally safe, it does not cause ‘ovarian failure’ or deaths.

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